DJ Mellow J – Something for Someone [Beat Tape] [2014]

DJ Mellow J – Something for Someone [Beat Tape]
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01. Im gonna love you for the rest of my day (Intro)
02. You’ll never find another like me
03. Something for someone
04. Love can be so Wonderful
05. Lotus Flower
06. With you beside me
07. Don’t cry
08. What’s left to give after giving it you’re all (Interlude)
09. Strictly reserved for You
10. Everybody needs someone to Love
11. Lovers Lullaby
12. Sweet Lady
13. I would Love you for a Lifetime
14. Coolin out on Love
15. Wish it could workout
16. The Awakening
17. Heartache (Interlude)
18. The touch of You
19. I hate saying Goodbye
20. Tribute to a Special Rose
21. Seattle in the fall
22. Love storm
23. Time after Time
24. I don’t have you Baby
25. It’s a thin line between Love and Hate
26. Heaven is in You’re Eyes
27. Darling
28. I made a big mistake… (Outro)

DJ Mellow J – Something for Someone

For the past year of my Life I have been in Love with a girl in Toronto. Long Distance relationships are hard, and sadly I am not with her anymore. This is a collection of Beats I made in Toronto, and Austin,TX while I was very much in love, and also after we parted ways. Feel the vibe, Feel the Love, and spread the Happiness.