DJ Manipulator – 15 Minutes Of Madness II [Beat Tape] [2015]

DJ Manipulator – 15 Minutes Of Madness II [Beat Tape]
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01. NewDirection
02. MyHeart
03. ICouldSee
04. SOUL!!!
05. Nothingness
06. StartingOver
07. LostInTime

DJ Manipulator – 15 Minutes Of Madness II

Massachusetts beat smith, DJ Manipulator, returns with a quick bevy of pavement pounders from his library of instrumentals. Back in May (2015), he blessed the world with Studio Kinda Dusty 2, a mix of hard to find grooves that have become favorites as he’s spent time digging around in various crates over the years. This time, he’s back in producer-mode, providing ample backdrop for those that love a rapper-less instrumental or even that aspiring local or well-known artist that’s looking for their chops.
This offering finds DJ Manipulator in proper form with the single, “SOUL!!!”. Some fans may find the up-tempo rhythm of this track very different from music trends in music production these days. Clearly that’s the goal as he tosses the flat, stock sounding drums talentless keyboard playing for reimagining songs and sounds of yesteryear in a way where you MIGHT recognize it enough to bring up fond memories but the thump of his drum kits pounding in your ears bring you sailing back to the present day. It might even leave you wishing those that DID rap actually went back to writing true to heart stories instead of whatever it is that they do nowadays. But for what it’s worth, Manipulator’s beats do more story-telling than most rappers these days could boast about even if they had help. It’s all comes back to how well it connects with you. Words distort; music touches.
At any rate, 15 Minutes of Madness is exactly that… a sometimes soulful and at other times grimy barrage of soundscapes that transport you to places you’ve once been and to others you will go one day; whether you like to or not. That’s life… and this quick mix of original music translates it beautifully. For those of you that are left fishing around for “more of that”… he’s got plenty more where that came from.