Delicasteez – Lost Souls [Remixes] [2017]

Delicasteez – Lost Souls [Remixes]
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01. u gots to go
02. diamond in the dirt
03. tripple that doe
04. aint hard to tell
05. berry blast
06. street astrologist
07. melons (seinfeld)
08. raw loopige
09. 50/50
10. never dun it
11. feel good (feat sugiwa)
12. 93′ till
13. battle day

Delicasteez – Lost Souls

Delicasteez was founded in 2016 by Lobe and Mastah Melo. This will be Delicasteez’s second cassette release “Lost Souls”.
Half an hour of exclusive boombap/lofi material, all unreleased, never to be repressed