DeepLemon – Medicine Cabinet [Beat Tape] [2019]

DeepLemon – Medicine Cabinet [Beat Tape]
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01. Toothpaste
02. Toothbrush
03. Medicine
04. Mouthwash
05. Razor
06. Floss
07. Perfume
08. Vitamins (feat. WIZDUMB)
09. Bandages (feat. OfF.Brand)
10. Lotion
11. Makeup
12. Peroxide (feat. C-LeGz)
13. Deodorant

DeepLemon – Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet is a collection of Instrumental tracks created over about a two year period featuring original instrumentation, sampling, and experimental mixing techniques, and littered with samples of the greatest TV Show of All Time. Medicine Cabinet is the prescription you need to cure your addiction to corny local rappers.