DAZEMAN.EXE – Ruffian Jazz PART 2 [Beat Tape] [2017]

DAZEMAN.EXE – Ruffian Jazz PART 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Ruffian Jazz PART 2 Full Mix
02. Your Are Now Rocking With DAZEMAN.EXE
03. 18+
04. HighStakeGame REDUX
06. alottappl [interlude]
07. PCF.exe
08. Mosquito Bump

DAZEMAN.EXE – Ruffian Jazz PART 2

Made with the same kind of care that all of .EXE’s other albums had undergone to be released. This one was a long time coming… 4 months after the original Ruffian Jazz lol. Inspired by abstract and non-abstract artists with an out of this world sampling game. DAZEMAN.EXE had learned how to properly utilize his field recordings taken throughout the 4 months it took to come up with PART 2. DAZEMAN.EXE had approached this project from a whole new perspective and concept straying away from his usual style of sound to delve into the sweet and jazzy warmth of vinyl and digital samples.