Dabrye – Three​/​Three [Album] [2018]

Dabrye – Three​/​Three [Album]
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01. Tunnel Vision (feat. Guilty Simpson)
02. Emancipated (feat. Ghostface Killah)
03. Tape Flip Too
04. Lil Mufukuz (feat. Doom)
05. Fightscene (feat. La Peace)
06. Electrocutor
07. Stranded (feat. Fatt Father)
08. The Appetite (feat. Roc Marciano, Quelle Chris & Danny Brown)
09. Pretty (feat. Jonwayne)
10. Sunset (feat. Shigeto)
11. Nova (feat. Nolan The Ninja)
12. Bubble Up (feat. Phat Kat aka Ronnie Euro)
13. Vert-Horiz
14. Dr. Shroomen (feat. G&D)
15. Sisfo Ridin’ (feat. Clear Soul Forces)
16. Culture Shuffle (feat. Kadence, Intricate Dialect & Silas Green)
17. Honey
18. First Law of Nature Rock Day (feat. Denmark Vessey)
19. Tahn Ice Rhythm

Dabrye – Three​/​Three

Also Available On: Standard 2x Vinyl – or Compact Disc –

When Ann Arbor’s Tadd Mullinix began exploring hip-hop under the name Dabrye 20 years ago, he soon honed in on a startling vision of what the genre could be: ingenious, refined, daring. This vision came to life across two albums for Ghostly International — 2001’s One/Three and its 2006 follow-up Two/Three — with each record further positioning the quiet Michigan producer as one of his generation’s best, equally comfortable creating minimalist instrumental meditations or sharp rap salvos. In the late 2000s, following critical acclaim and accolades from both peers and inspirations (including the late Jay Dee with whom Mullinix collaborated before his untimely passing), Mullinix put the Dabrye moniker on ice and dedicated himself to other genres and ideas. All the while the influence of his work on a new generation of electronic musicians continued to make itself felt in subtle but meaningful ways.