Charles Mantis – Datura Inoxia [Beat Tape] [2017]

Charles Mantis – Datura Inoxia [Beat Tape]
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01. Datura Inoxia
02. Refraction
03. The Witching Hour
04. Cancer
05. 3334
06. Siskind
07. Rhuzka
08. Manta
09. Dorléac
10. Jars
11. Bus to Train
12. Papilionidae
13. Mermaids
14. Bossa Bossa Bossa
15. iiV
16. Limbo
17. Datura Quercifolia

Charles Mantis – Datura Inoxia

Also Available On: Datura Inoxia Cassette

Throughout the past few years I have collected sound samples from musicians I have met on tour, found instruments and borrowed vinyl. Songs feature sounds from the cemeteries of New Orleans to the deep woods of North Carolina. Many of the ideas for this collection were pieced together during late flights to Europe and relaxing by the pool in Central America. This record is an attempt to capture the journey.