Burnt Bakarak x Chef Mike – Grease Fire [Beat Tape] [2019]

Burnt Bakarak x Chef Mike – Grease Fire [Beat Tape]
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01. Burnt Bakarak – I Flip Beats (BB)
02. Burnt Bakarak – Glory Hole Gangsters (BB)
03. Burnt Bakarak – Breezin Pt. 1 (BB)
04. Burnt Bakarak – Breezin Pt. 2 (BB)
05. Burnt Bakarak – Broken (BB)
06. Burnt Bakarak – The Technicians (BB)
07. Burnt Bakarak – No More Gods (BB)
08. Burnt Bakarak – Gettin Heavy (BB)
09. Burnt Bakarak – My Production is Tight (BB)
10. Chef Mike – Something’s Wrong (CM)
11. Chef Mike – Why Me? (CM)
12. Chef Mike – Promises (CM)
13. Chef Mike – Ahi (CM)
14. Chef Mike – Yams Yo (CM)
15. Chef Mike – Videoman (CM)
16. Chef Mike – Second Look (CM)
17. Chef Mike – Salty Bullets / Goodbye (CM)

Burnt Bakarak x Chef Mike – Grease Fire

Also Available On: Grease Fire [ Burnt Bakarak x Chef Mike ] Cassette + Digital Album

From Burnt Bakarak’s IG:

“Earlier this month, Chef Mike, of @commonandnormal hit me up to ask me if I would like to collaborate on a project with him. I am a huge fan of his work and was elated that he even asked me. He suggested doing a project that would be released on 30 minute cassette. He would fill one side, and I would fill the other. The catch was that he would pick the songs I would sample and I would pick out his samples. It turned out to be the hardest task of my musical career. We both stepped outside our comfort zone and struggled. In the end, we both learned a lot and feel as though we accomplished some of our best work. As we are wrapping up the project and sharing out tracks with each other, I hear a little bit of Chef Mike in my stuff, and I hear a little bit of Burnt in his. It has been a very rewarding project and I feel as though I have a new life-long friend. The project with be available for streaming with a limited number of 25 cassettes available for purchase soon. Hopefully you enjoy it.”