Bru Lei & Mic Jordan – Secret Recipe [Album] [2017]

Bru Lei & Mic Jordan – Secret Recipe [Album]
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01. Fuck Yeah!
02. Goddamn Write
03. Whattup World (feat Raashan Ahmad)
04. Secret Recipe (feat Feast and Nome Nomadd)
05. Helmet Rock (feat Mahtie Bush)
06. Open Season (feat NON, Feast, Nome Nomadd, Task1ne, Paulie Rhyme & Zero Star)
07. Reality Bites
08. The Revolution is Here
09. Music For Love (feat Eclypse Da Predanatural)
10. Fuck A Title (feat Double AB & Feast)
11. Baby Hey
12. Doin’ It Big (feat Skurge & Feast)
13. It Ain’t Hard To Tell
14. 8X8 (feat Lostribe, random Abiladeze, NON & Cloud City)
15. Top Quality (feat Poor)
16. Sactown, Sactown
17. Only One Man (feat N8 tha Gr8)
18. No Time For Rest

Bru Lei & Mic Jordan – Secret Recipe

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Veteran emcees BRU LEI and MICJORDAN have teamed up to deliver the SECRET RECIPE: 18 flavorful concoctions, carefully seasoned and prepared, ready for your turntable platter, perfect for underground heads in a partying mood. Featuring production by NOSHESS, COOLZEY, LEE BANNON and more as well as performances by RASHAAN AHMAD, ZERO STAR, DOUBLE AB, NOME NOMADD, POOR MAJESTY, N8 THA GR8, and even an appearance from the most prolific biter in rap history, TASK1NE (delivering lyrics actually written by other emcees), SECRET RECIPE is a celebration of golden era hip hop that brings it back to the essence: having fun!!!