Brock Berrigan – The Scenic Route [Beat Tape] [2019]

Brock Berrigan – The Scenic Route [Beat Tape]
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01. On With the Show
02. An Old Love Tale
03. Traveling Man
04. Whiskey on a Jetski
05. Sometime (feat. Allem Iversom)
06. Snow Canyon
07. Bird Law
08. Observation Point
09. Tropic
10. Rooftop Cookouts
11. Ballad of Utah
12. Life Goes On (feat. Allem Iversom)
13. Carry On
14. Island (feat. Allem Iversom)

Brock Berrigan – The Scenic Route

Made most of this album on the road in Utah overlooking canyons and hiking through national parks. All the background sounds were recorded in Utah, including the Native American chants. This is a culmination of my ten years of making beats, combining everything I have learned along the way into this album. I wanted to convey the feeling of driving through the desert in a convertible into musical form, taking the scenic route.
Cheers –

Brock Berrigan