Boora – The Art of 10 Seconds [Beat Tape] [2017]

Boora – The Art of 10 Seconds [Beat Tape]
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01. Na Guslyah
02. My Inspiration
03. On The Ship’s Launch
04. The Adventures of Moscow Metropolitan
05. Girl & Dolphin
06. Come Closer
07. Check Now
08. Letter To Anna German
09. Gargarin In Outer Space
10. The Message
11. Birds From Taiga
12. Balalaika
13. Emelya
14. Another Day

Boora – The Art of 10 Seconds

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl & Download Card

Boora is a producer from Russia specialising in raw, authentic head-nodding hip hop. Here’s his 3rd instrumental album on KingUnderground Records, “The Art of 10 Seconds”.

He signed to the UK label, KingUnderground in 2015 and released his debut, Soundogolism. He followed this up with Soviet Aesthetics Vol. 1 with Mr Robberhood of Kovsh.

His birth name is Oleynik Alexander and is originally from the city of Tilsit, now called Sovetsk, Kaliningrad, Russia. He’s a member of the DOPE90 crew and a beat-maker that uses, vinyl, turntables, a Roland JP-8000, EMU SP1200 and Akai MPC 3000. He’s inspired by Soviet jazz samples and rare Russian sounds.

In 2016, he took part in a project for Adidas Originals & ННХ with fellow producers Kovsh, Boora and Maxi Scratch, where they go out onto the streets to play their music and share their views on hip-hop and their sources of inspiration. Recently Boora took part in a lecture and beat maker tutorial with legendary Marley Marl for the Red Bull BC One Camp.

His new project “The Art of 10 Seconds” consists of beats composed on the legendary EMU SP 1200. The machine allows you to only use 10 seconds of memory for sampling.

Boora explores Soviet jazz archives of the 60s and 70s, scientific documentaries, folk music and sounds of nature to bring you the raw and unique sound experience straight out of Moscow, Russia.