BodyMoves – Cariño [Beat Tape] [2017]

BodyMoves – Cariño [Beat Tape]
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01. Cariño
02. Crawl
03. Manha
04. Café
05. Mamita
06. TMB
07. Gain
08. Knuckles
09. (Exotic) Intro-lude
10. Straighten up
11. Sure Did
12. Mandrell
13. Delphonic
14. Down
15. Rock Hound
16. Tell
17. Spend
18. When you
19. Cariño (Continuous full EP mix)

BodyMoves – Cariño

Also Available On: Cassette or Cariño Cassette & Dual Thought Vinyl 12″ bundle

“Cariño” is BodyMoves’ most ambitious release to date. An 18 track beat tape that contains a diverse mixture of beats crafted over the last four years. This dust coated voyage draws on global inspirations and rhythms, refusing to be tied down to any specific sound or style. The EP takes cues from South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, classic soul, jazz, funk, library music and obscure TV audio into a 28 minute long beat journey. The album title was inspired by the birth of the artist’s son in April 2016.