Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP [E.P.] [2014]

Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP [E.P.]
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01. Gravel
02. Toonami
03. Hush
04. Ballet
05. Touching Glass

Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP

Pragmatic Theory & Bläp Dëli have teamed up once again to bring you the ‘Ballet Happiness EP’. Bläp Dëli is an artist who can seemingly turn his hand to any style or genre & do so with an aptitude that many can only aspire to.

Here are a few words from the good man himself about the release :
“Ballet happiness is an experimental dance EP composed by Emmett Kai, BläpDëli. In attempt to merge both UK garage and soul/jazz composition, this EP is to take on a unique sound with the influence of Mount Kimbie, Burial, and Pascaal type music.
A psychedelic walk through European nightclubs and alleyways. Sexual and yet contemplative.” – Bläp Dëli