baklu – Between [Beat Tape] [2014]

baklu – Between [Beat Tape]
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01. My Baby
02. Smiley
03. Me and a Blues
04. Don’t Believe
05. Torn Wind
06. Boy
07. Tales for All
08. This is Song
09. Between
10. Sentimental Jazz
11. Night Time
12. New Life
13. Thrill
14. Maradona
15. Think of You
16. Traveler

baklu – Between

This album is 16 tracks loosely affiliated clips from various movies and other videos. Between – is an beat tape which can be cut in half and then listen as two different things, depending on the mood. Video mash-up blends with the stripped samples. As a result, makes the music and the image consists of 16 short stories. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by using any of the video material. All tracks was made by using AKAI MPC 1000, Roland SP-404SX, Computer, Old Vinyls and Cassettes.