August Fanon – Beats On Film [Beat Tape] [2015]

August Fanon – Beats On Film [Beat Tape]

00:00. West Indies Function
01:57. trickshot Tommy
03:59. Out Tonight
06:36. doldrums
08:47. Filthy Days
12:29. humble beginnings
16:24. taper fades
19:51. school
21:59. feelin’ fine
23:43. There It Is…
25:43. Titans

This video montage is a collection of feature films, documentaries, concert footage, and lil’ anime all set to the backdrop of my own beats. The footage contains some of my favorite musical artists, most memorable movies scenes, and the work of some directors that I respect deeply. The beats, I cooked up sometime over the last four months or so; I think their might be one in this batch that is older than that.