Astroboter – Beat Sutras Vol. II [Beat Tape] [2014]

Astroboter – Beat Sutras Vol. II [Beat Tape]
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01. The Wheel Of Time
02. State Of Molten Salt
03. Duckmind
04. Der Rotstein
05. Blue Musk
06. Favorite 70s Cop Movie
07. Dharma Is My Pharma
08. Glacier
09. Legio X
10. Helicopter Maybe
11. Raw Joint
12. Pareidolia

Astroboter – Beat Sutras Vol. II

Also Available On: Limited Cassette Edition

Beat Sutras Vol. II is the latest release by Astroboter, the music producer from the motherland of Krautrock. The second season of the Beat Sutras series contains twelve beat episodes and will be available as a Limited Cassette Edition and Free Download on November 2nd 2014. Once again the digital version will be released with two episodes each Sunday.

Beat Sutras Vol. II features Instrumental Hip Hop beats inspired by music styles like Krautrock, World Music, Psychedelic or Post Rock. The sound spectrum is tied nicely together in the manner fans loved on the first release in this series. In these sample-flavored beats lives the spirit of classic production techniques, based due to the limited abilities of samplers like the MPC. Each song was transmitted raw from the MPC into the computer and then ennobled by Astroboter. It’s like polishing an analog photograph of an oil painting.

The mystic world of the Astroboter story spins around universal questions of mankind, belief and the unknown of our own spiritual lives. Metaphysic al mind-stunts collide with outer world experiences of our own nature. Meditate on some four bar mantras or rap your sutra over these loops and reach your state of tranquility with Beat Sutras Vol. II!