Asonic Garcia – Old Daze [Beat Tape] [2017]

Asonic Garcia – Old Daze [Beat Tape]
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01. Dream of 1017
02. WakeBakeShake
03. Existential Traffic
04. Old Man Vallejo
05. Purple Leaf Mind Swings (

01. Fuzzy Dweller
02. Shatterstars feat MCE
03. Superkrills in Sleep
04. Strata from Time Bandits
05. Iso Enlight
06. 418 Suns Up
07. They’ll be Fine feat.Vezzen

Asonic Garcia – Old Daze

Also Available On: Limited Cassette of 50

“OLD DAZE is a special cassette reissue of my very first collection of instrumental beat productions, originally released in 2007. Previous to these songs, i had only made rap beats/songs for myself and my collective in Vallejo. The compositions on this project are a reflection of coming of age, breaking free of traditions, and fully exploring my creative expression with sound and vibration. Recording with four tracks, running sounds through VHS, using samplers thru fx pedals, these were fun and fresh ideas to me at the time, and this project set the precedence of unwavering experimentation that I strive for and work towards, still now, 10 years later. Enjoy, these beats from the old daze.