Anglesh – In tune with​.​.​. [Beat Tape] [2016]

Anglesh – In tune with… [Beat Tape]
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01. Myself
02. Mi…Mind
03. dejavu
04. littlegirls
05. good..feeling
06. Openup
07. RareStuff
08. BlackNarcissism
09. Tighten..up ft. Hannibal
10. makin
11. NewportShawt…ft. ‘Lin
12. Numb…Feelings
13. ft. Nelson & Zae The Philospher
14. deadRoses
15. Did’nt I
16. Color…US
17. IntheEndyou…die

Anglesh – In tune with…

We have to understand ourselves and to do that we have to understand where we come from the earth. If you become In tune with this planet you can become in tune with yourself and vice versa. Becoming in tune with yourself is probably the hardest things to do a lot of people are not comfortable in their skin that is one thing that I am as a human trying to do and I am progressing. Lets all become in tune with are feelings and planet and learn to love each other a lot more. I made this project from the summer ’16 to the fall ’16. Enjoy share and buy please.

Special thanks to the collaborators who helped Hannibal, JoanAngelique,’Lin, Nelson, Zae The Philosopher, Maicho Stilo, and Metvlmouth for the tape cover.