AGE​ – ​Minimalist LP and Fragments Mix (Reissue) [Beat Tape] [2019]

AGE​ – ​Minimalist LP and Fragments Mix (Reissue) [Beat Tape]
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01. AGE​ – ​Minimalist LP and Fragments Mix (Reissue)

AGE​ – ​Minimalist LP and Fragments Mix (Reissue)

Also Available On: Age- Minimalist LP and Fragments Mix (2019 Reissue) Cassette + Digital Album

The Minimalist tape was never officially released and I only made 15 copies the first time (and five of them were hand painted J-Cards). From 1994-2009 Featuring Folks like Awkward (UK), FONO (UK), Joob, Free Will, Haze and Niamaj and a few others.

There are only 35 made and different J Card Color and Tapes (6 Gold- 6 Black – 20 Clear and 3 Grey-ish Silver). All have been individually recorded from the master files, and not pro-dubbed. This is as personal as it gets- One Tape at a time. Also, They will all be randomly distributed, so please don’t ask for specific colors.

**Note : Fragments Mix will not upload at the moment, but I’ll be sure to try later on today.

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