A-shura – sublime [Beat Tape] [2014]

A-shura – sublime [Beat Tape]
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01. access mas
02. subsurface mas
03. Cave mas
04. Feel so GOOD
05. Holidaymaker mas
06. ill Concourse mas
07. Kodama mas

A-shura – sublime

18th edition CORECO RECORDS release, beat maker of Akita
EP overflowing feeling of drunkenness spacey by A-shura “sublime”! This work that has been manufactured by the image of the spread of the cosmic space. Piece ambience sound undulating psychedelic and Robito like topple leads to outer space to ensure your consciousness. [A-shura] Akita Prefecture Nikaho living. Beatmaker. I have produced the axis HIP HOP, electro. The active also as Beatmaker of AGARIKO.