E.P. Instrumentals

G K S – LUIS RESA – NOMEA – Coltelli [E.P.] [2021]

G K S – LUIS RESA – NOMEA – Coltelli [E.P.]
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01. coltelli
02. dammi tutto
03. amore serio
04. preghiera sbandante
05. boschi stregati
06. il capostipite dei sogni
07. una crisi niente male
08. coltelli (instrumental)
09. dammi tutto (instrumental)
10. amore serio (instrumental)
11. preghiera sbandante (instrumental)
12. boschi stregati (instrumental)
13. il capostipite dei sogni (instrumental)
14. una crisi niente male (instrumental)

G K S – LUIS RESA – NOMEA – Coltelli

Beat Tape

KUTMAH – = [Beat Tape] [2019]

KUTMAH – = [Beat Tape]
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01. Light Bulb Moment
02. Graffiti-VHS
03. VOKAB-3000
04. Hammock
05. Hurghada Nights
06. AnalogCadillac
07. This World…
08. Far Away
10. RideOut
11. Abednego
12. One4Ras_G
13. GetDown (Outro)



Various Producers/WHAT​!​! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa [Compilation] [2018]

Various Producers/WHAT​!​! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa [Compilation]
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01. It-K – Mizoh
02. Linkrust – Yaboy
03. Zajazza – Hypnotic Circles
04. Degiheugi – To Make Me Happy
05. Neighborhood – Shango
06. L.Boy.Jr – Le Sorcier Duvelle
07. Maodea – Beautiful
08. Stiko – Coffee Shop
09. Dj Marrrtin – Marrrtimba
10. Keor Meteor – Gizeh
11. Medline – Mama Africa
12. Barrio – Yemaya (BONUS)

Various Producers/WHAT​!​! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa

Also Available On: WHAT!! L’Afrique – Any Visions Of Africa Cassette + Digital Album

WHAT !! Africa – Any Visions Of Africa is a project born to Marie Henri Kafé in Brittany.

The idea was trotting in our heads for a while, we had in dreams to connect all the artists who came to play at the bar, we originally thought of setting up a kind of bar label, then we said finally, it would be even better to link this to our desire to give a helping hand and to feel useful from a humanitarian point of view.
If with this project, we can share the love for music and also help a little, then we are all the more determined!
We started on the theme of “Africa” ​​in a spirit “beats”. The artists had carte blanche. Loving their work they had all our confidence.
For the charity side we have approached an association in Benin that deals with disadvantaged youth through a socio-cultural center. They have access to music lessons, cooking etc …
The compilation is available on Bandcamp free download with the system “name your price”. If there is donation, it will be directly donated to the association in Benin.
There is also a small series of cassettes (50 copies)


Cut Chemist – Madman EP [E.P.] [2017]

Cut Chemist – Madman EP [E.P.]
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01. Cut Chemist – Madman
02. Mumbles – Badlands
03. Cut Chemist – War in Pieces (feat. Deantoni Parks)
04. Gone Beyond – Try Again

Cut Chemist – Madman EP

Also Available On: Madman Ep – Limited 12″



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“Repeat the process …” is a work that I composed during the winter of this year. The idea was to explore processed sounds from different machines of my studio to create rhythms and atmospheres linked to a technological sound, influenced by science fiction and moving away from my traditional schemes. With marked influences of the cinematic genre, a kind of sountrack of an imaginary film.

Beat Tape

The Electronic Tapes – Habibi 005: Ahmed Malek & Flako [Beat Tape] [2017]

The Electronic Tapes – Habibi 005: Ahmed Malek & Flako [Beat Tape]
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01. Tape 22 Track 2
02. Tape 23 Track 4
03. Tape 23 Track 3 (Part 1)
04. Tape 23 Track 5
05. Tape 27 Track 3 (Part 1)
06. Tape 9 (Part 1)
07. Tape 23 Track 3 (Part 2)
08. Tape 3 Track 4
09. Tape 9 (Part 3)
10. Tape 12 Track 1
11. Tape 9 (Part 4)
12. Tape 27 Track 1
13. Tape 27 Track 3 (Part 2)
14. Tape 9 (Part 2)
15. Tape 23 Track 6
16. Tape 16 Track 3
17. Tape 27 Track 5

The Electronic Tapes – Habibi 005: Ahmed Malek & Flako

Also Available On: 12″ Vinyl with gold foil print on front including 4 page 12″ sized booklet or CD Version includes 8 page booklet


In the early 1980s, Ahmed Malek was already in his 50s, when he discovered synthesizers and electronic music for himself and started to experiment with sounds. None of it was ever released but we got a huge box of master tapes from his family and we’re happy to present this different side of Ahmed Malek’s music. It was compiled and co-produced by Flako, a fan of early electronic and synth music. This is not a remix album though, Flako’s aim was to create an album out of 2 hours of material that sounds like it might have if Mr. Malek would have finished it himself before of his death. Fully approved by the artists family.

Beat Tape Mix

Madlib – Mind Fusion: African Earwax [Mixtape] [2015]

Madlib – Mind Fusion: African Earwax [Mixtape]
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01. Mind Fusion: African Earwax

Madlib – Mind Fusion: African Earwax

Madlib has a new mixtape called Mind Fusion: African Earwax. He made 30 copies of these on CD, each of which was being given an individual hand-drawn cover by Jason Jagel and sold at the Doomsday Show at Rappcats, June 20, 2015.

Beat Tape

Jneiro Jarel – Fauna [Beat Tape] [2014]

Jneiro Jarel – Fauna [Beat Tape]
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01. Voice Of The Kayapo
02. Castaju Cajunea
03. Amazonica
04. Rio De Jneiro (Jarumba)
05. Bird Charm
06. Waves Trip
07. Dabuwe
08. Indigo Eden
09. Fauna
10. Can You Compute Bruuhzeel
11. Monkey Hustle (Man On Fire)
12. See Them Cry (Painted Tears)
13. See Them Cry Featuring Cilla K (Bonus)

Jneiro Jarel – Fauna

Beat Tape

Kovayzla – Domaće, a naše [Beat Tape] [2013]

Kovayzla – Domaće, a naše [Beat Tape]
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01. Letim avionom
02. Vrijeme ide dalje
03. Doktor
04. Hej
05. Da li grešim
06. Ne znam
07. Pusti modu
08. Granice
09. JMP
10. Idi bilo kud
11. Tužna je muzika
12. Kapetane
13. Ja živim sam
14. Kišni su dani
15. Uma uma
16. Ja želim nešto drugo
17. Sve je pod kontrolom
18. Crvene ruže

Kovayzla – Domaće, a naše