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Wonda K – Nostalgia [Beat Tape] [2019]

Wonda K – Nostalgia [Beat Tape]
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01. Families in Cars
02. With Me
03. Remember
04. Our Forest
05. Ground Terror
06. Knowing
07. Daytime, Nighttime
08. Moving Slow
09. Connector
10. Rainswitch Hour
11. For a Bad Day
12. Pastel
13. Respiro

Wonda K – Nostalgia

“Nostalgia” is fourth full length release by Leonte Claudiu under “Wonda K” alias. Compared to previous records, “Nostalgia” represents a bit different, more sound design and organic soundscape based approach in beat crafting. It’s kind of a 13-track-1 bonus-conclusion or one-hour-of-results of 10 months of experimenting new tools, new Instruments and new ways to create sounds and putting them all together. Roughly 30 tracks were produced for “Nostalgia” which of only 13 was more or less spontaneously selected to end up for the record. I hope that makes it as solid, unique, cohesive and organic one hour I could provide. Enjoy.

Beat Tape

Wonda K – Neighbourhood [Beat Tape] [2018]

Wonda K – Neighbourhood [Beat Tape]
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02. Word
03. Game
04. Thoughtoutplan
05. Dayafterday
06. Sparkle
07. Endleaves
08. Passingby
09. Warmth
10. Goldandglitter
11. Meltingsnow
12. Deepbreath
13. Justsway
14. Stolentime
15. Smoke
16. Yourlife

Wonda K – Neighbourhood

Also Available On: Wonda K – Neighbourhood Cassette + Digital Album