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Wermonster – The Stolen Tape [Beat Tape] [2017]

Wermonster – The Stolen Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro (Make Them Believe)
02. Sickest (Monster Check)
03. Ennio (Horns March)
04. Elle (Almonds in the Sky)
05. Give (The Backup Plan)
06. Evereemyc (The Funk Sign)
07. No more Trains (Roll One)
08. Walk Alone (Night Traveller)
09. Nomads (Midnight Lamp Blunt)
10. Get Stoned (with Curtis)
11. Afterlife (Street talks)
12. Flutes (one hope)
13. Astronauts (So Blues)
14. Many Vibes (The Last)

Wermonster – The Stolen Tape

The Stolen Tape is an instrumental hip hop journey that finds its coherence through Wermonster´s very own sound: psychedelic, organic and innovative whilst staying true to classic sample based boom bap.


Wermonster – So They Say (Feat – Benny Diction) [Video] [2016]

Wermonster – So They Say (Feat – Benny Diction)

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Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​2 [Album] [2016]

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​2 [Album]
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01. Katalyst Overture 2
02. Streetdreamers (feat. Cash KRZMA)
03. Turkish Smoke (feat. Sultan Tunc)
04. So They Say (feat. Benny Diction)
05. Nonedaless (feat. Infinite Livez)
06. Machines (feat. Melody Myla)
07. Je Fais Ce Que Je Veux (feat. GIL)
08. Black Pyramids (feat. Tob One & Busy Bars)
09. Au2mnism (feat. Ethnique Punch)
10. Knobe (feat. The Hinderance)
11. Borsch Antistar (feat. Melody Myla)

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​2

Also Available On: Wermonster Katalyst Sessions Vol.2 Cassette Tape

Wermonsters’ Katalyst Sessions Volume 2 sees the Berlin-based producer expand upon the first in his Hip-Hop centred series, which initially made its debut in 2014 on Melbourne’s Uncomfortable Beats label. Volume 1 received praise for its mixture of classic 90’s sampling techniques and raw beats, combined with Wermonsters’ signature off-kilter synthesised soundscapes.

For this particular project vocalists from across the globe were invited to collaborate over a selection of instrumental tracks taken from the first release, transforming them from short sketch based pieces into fully structured, eclectic songs.

Beat Tape

Wermonster – Beats from the 4th Floor [Beat Tape] [2015]

Wermonster – Beats from the 4th Floor [Beat Tape]
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01. 4 OG Introduction
02. Four Four
03. 1969
04. The Waiting Room
05. L´Amour Monstre (I know U got Soul)
06. Something Mad
07. Know (They Must)
08. Castle
09. Watch 4
10. Be
11. Meet Twice
12. Outro (Make a Move)

Wermonster – Beats from the 4th Floor


Wermonster – Solar Tales [E.P.] [2015]

Wermonster – Solar Tales [E.P.]
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01. Discovery
02. Future (feat. Melody Myla)
03. She Speaks Backwards
04. Elephants

Wermonster – Solar Tales

Solar Tales is inspired by the urban environment, and more specifically by the interaction between organic elements and man-made construction.

On his second release via the Australian based Uncomfortable Beats label, Wermonster crafts four visual tracks that sits somewhere between the realms of Hip Hop, Broken Beat and Electronica.

Filled with warped electronic beats, hypnotic rhythms and acoustic textures, Solar Tales provides a unique and transportive sonic experience, taking listeners on a sensory trip through
abstract cityscapes.

Beat Tape

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] [2014]

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Katalyst Overtüre
02. Magic
03. Dramatic Ladies
04. Outerspaced
05. Fettkrank Overload
06. Ganzfelders
07. Dreamers
08. Holy Smokes
09. Riiising
10. Higher, Go, Go, Go!
11. Patterns In Her
12. Stereo Correspondence
13. We Hear Voices
14. How She Moves
15. Lunatics
16. Too Much Vodka
17. Autumnism
18. Controls
19. Schönhauser Skit
20. Pyramids
21. Never The Same
22. Purple Girls
23. Sommer Erkältung
24. Fengshui Pause
25. Tomorrow’s Names
26. Slo-Fi Funk Mothership
27. Borsch Superstar
28. Lovers
29. Leave (Bonus Beat)
30. Chant (Bonus Beat)
31. Tropical Silence (Bonus Beat)

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​1

Katalyst Sessions Volume One is an instrumental beat diary containing 28 short tracks, all produced by Wermonster in his Berlin laboratory between 2010 and 2013 using electronic brain control, mind transmission, genetic manipulations and other futuristic techniques.

Releasing on super limited edition Tape Cassette, CD as well as digital.