WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature 7 [Compilation] [2016]

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature 7 [Compilation]
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01. Ashwood Shepard – Miel
02. Billinski – Besime Mucho
03. Stratus – Upwelling
04. Sixfingerz – So Lonely
05. Printempo – Something Good
06. Kris Van Huystee – Every Day
07. Scottie Royal – On and On
08. defMute – path
09. B-Jam vs Enos – Don’t Stop
10. Fate. – Chillz
11. Kogutt – funka
12. Funkonami – The Hitchhiker
13. bknd – coastal haze
14. Bunko Stew – Another Chance
15. Kin Klave – Mantissa
16. Pete Range – Love is Close
17. LoopMaffia & Pourtr8s – Signed Yours
18. Henrik3000 – Igorz
19. Roots Unknown – Struggles
20. SoulChief – CrissCross
21. ChasBeats – I Shouldn’t Call You
22. aflo – processin

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature 7

The seventh volume of “We Got it in Nature” has seen the light of day. Always professional and talented creators gather once again to prepare 22 delicious tracks that satisfy even the most exquisite palate.

We would like to treat you to an unforgettable journey into a realm of sublime organic sounds. 23 outstanding artists from various parts of the world has created a unique mixture of colours. Passion pours in torrents. Sound so juicy, you can almost touch it. This compilation surprises with its every breath.

Immerse yourself in the mix of styles, unprecedented for a single album. Experience the music escaping genres or pick the classic vibe of a dirty sample. The choice is always yours. You got it in nature.

Beat Tape Compilation

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​6 [Compilation] [2016]

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​6 [Compilation]
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01. wendy.fuu – Island
02. Printempo – Shellback
03. Billinski – Come Wander With Me
04. Sixfingerz – The Decent
05. B-Jam vs Enos – Give You Up
06. Félix Gil – Nits
07. defMute – runrun
08. RunRun Raw – Swingin’ Cooker
09. Kogutt – Time
10. Scottie Royal – Hold it Down, Hyrule
11. Hachio – Hinnabi
12. DUST::ERS – Aurochs n Keys
13. Funkonami – Aurora
14. ChasBeats – Strange Summer Nights
15. Sound Me – Heart’s Tale
16. Pete Range – April’s Promise
17. Henrik3000 – 49Reasons
18. PennyBeats – Always
19. BANIZZZ – Fall Pantone
20. – chance.with.u
21. Brother Grimm – Yueeah rog
22. Eddie Shinn – Step Moms and Dads
23. La:lee bloom – Think twice
24. Mr.Woox – Without You
25. My Neighbour Is – Does Magic Garden Really Exist
26. Afterclapp – Jazzy (Black Survival)
27. Jünger – parking lot ecosystem

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​6

We are back once again bearing fruits of organic freshness. For our sixth edition of the We Got it in Nature series, we have a truly eclectic mix of 27 unique and original creations made by some of the finest beatmakers the internet has to offer.

Full of dreamy reverberant landscapes, delicate analog textures and crisp clean drum beats, this compilation is a genuine treat for the discerning ear. Packed to the brim with jazz-influenced chords, dusty drum breaks and deep basslines, there is something inside for all true fans of organic hip-hop.

Whether it’s spacey guitar solos, emotion filled piano licks or intimate vocals, these are beats with a soul. We invite you to enjoy our own brand of organic hip-hop.

We are We Grow Wax.

Beat Tape Compilation

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​5 [Compilation] [2015]

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​5 [Compilation]
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01. Sixfingerz – We Battle for Weight
02. Luviia. – Gapfield
03. Kogutt – Jollies
04. My Neighbour Is – Memento
05. B-Jam vs Enos – Ladies and Gentlemen
06. NOmAD – naturalhabitat
07. – smmr 2k15
08. Penny Beats – TheRHFactorB
09. DJ Hellblazer – Manhattan & Brooklyn
10. LoopMaffia – Scram
11. Henrik3000 – Mikado
12. Linn Mori – Along The Nile
13. Scottie Royal – STAR ( Stay True & Real)
14. BKND – Fly Toucans Flyy
15. Dolson Beats – Rozez
16. DMLBeats – Withdrawal
17. Rob Steez – I Reminisce
18. Roots Unknown – She Told Me
20. JA:KOVA – Grosser Hawi
21. Aflo – da gethit
22. ChasBeats – Empty Streets
23. [.phelix] – Nasa Puso
24. Ashwood Shepard – XXX [Instrumental]

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​5

We are proud to bring you the fifth edition of our We Got it in Nature series.
For this volume we have 24 beats with a shared theme of warm analogue tones to keep your summer going strong. Mellow out on the beach or throw it on in your ride to drift away and connect with your surroundings.
We’re focusing on keeping our commitement to bring you hard-hitting beats with soulful and organic melodies. This new edition is something special, a real testament to the talent we have here at We Grow Wax. All quality – you wont find fillers on this beattape.
We all got it in nature.


WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​4 [Compilation] [2015]

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​4 [Compilation]
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01. My Neighbour Is – Funkzzzz…
02. Ashwood Shepard – Could She Be
03. JA:KOVA – Oanz4karl
04. Robot Orchestra – The Unknown
05. SHI.BEATS – We Got it in Space
06. MNSTRMKK – Roronoa
07. Pete Range – Still Just Love…
08. Scottie Royal – Roc the Boat
09. Penny Beats – Blue Sunrise
10. Bonucci – itsu
11. DUST::ERS (Aflo x BKND) – Fondant
12. Luviia. – Chaser Walk
13. Kogutt – Anywhere
14. B-Jam vs Enos – Lost’n’Found
15. Brother Grimm – We Grow Wax pt.2
16. Mr.Woox – Nobody Knows ft. Rob KP
17. Linn Mori – Travel On
18. Henrik3000 – The Smell of Spring
19. [.phelix] – Agua
20. Dolson Beats – Bloom
21. Roots Unknown – Away
22. ChasBeats – I’m in Some Trouble Tonight

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​4

We are back again with the fourth instalment of our We Got it in Nature series.

This edition, in line with the thawing of winter and the relief of spring, is all about reflection. 22 smooth tracks from our diverse and talented team with subtle and dulcet tones full of emotion and feeling. We hope that this provides the perfect soundtrack to relax, reminisce and welcome the arrival of summer. Drift away on a journey through another world filled with smoky Rhodes, soft strings, delicate voices and un-quantised grooves. Connect with your surroundings.

We all got it in Nature.