Beat Tape

Unown & Dj Ragz – Juice [Beat Tape] [2020]

Unown & Dj Ragz – Juice [Beat Tape]
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01. FreckleJuice.
02. FreshSqueezedStyle
03. KidsDrinkFree
04. Wierdos
05. PurpleStuffVsOJ
06. JuiceAndGin
07. WarJuice
08. JustDaSipFeatMikeSains

Unown & Dj Ragz – Juice

Instrumental Album

Unown & DJ Ragz – Pasta & Wings [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Unown & DJ Ragz – Pasta & Wings [Instrumental Album]
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01. Classic Pasta – Side A (Pasta)
02. Fresh Fusilli – Side A (Pasta)
03. Boil Over – Side A (Pasta)
04. Aldente Love feat. Arkitek7 – Side A (Pasta)
05. Chopped Ziti – Side A (Pasta)
06. A Good Meal – Side A (Pasta)
07. Two Tomatoes – Side A (Pasta)
08. Funky Battered Intro – Side B (Wings)
09. Garlic Goodness – Side B (Wings)
10. Fast Wingz – Side B (Wings)
11. The Garuntee feat. Unown – Side B (Wings)
12. Blue Celery Stix – Side B (Wings)
13. This is How – Side B (Wings)
14. Boneless Pleasure – Side B (Wings)

Unown & DJ Ragz – Pasta & Wings

Also Available On: Two Cassette Pack (colors: Alfredo and Marinara) or Cassette (color: Marinara Sauce red) & Cassette (color: Alfredo Sauce white)

Music and food just go together. You’re in a take-out spot waiting for your order.., music. In the corner store to grab a six pack and snacks.., music. Ragz and Unown capture that pairing and take you on an audio journey through a culinary world. Their first installment, “Pasta & Wings” is a concept project with a 90’s era hip-hop instrumental vibe that finds Unown handling the beat duties on the MPC and DJ Ragz cutting up on the turntables.

DJ Ragz is a world class DJ and turntablist. While he’s well known for his battle appearances (DMC, Scribble Jam, Scion, Coast 2 Coast, etc.), he’s also known as a member of the hip-hop group Jazz Addixx and the co-creator of the Bare Bones break record series. Ragz most recently released the crate digging mixtape titled “Inside the Crates” in 2017.

Unown is a producer, engineer, and DJ currently traveling the world and rocking stages on the MPC as part of Oddissee’s band Good Company. Also known as a member of Jazz Addixx, When he’s not traveling he’s either holed up in the studio working on tracks or dj’ing in the DC area.

Note: There’s no obscenities so all audio can be played in your grandma’s kitchen without the fear of her slapping you with a wooden spoon.