Compilation E.P.

Uncanny Valley – Give’n’Take / Various Artists [E.P.] [2015]

Uncanny Valley – Give’n’Take / Various Artists [E.P.]
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01. Max Graef – Tittenkuschler
02. Cuthead – Braziliance
03. Cuthead – Öf Öf
04. S3A – Theuz Hamtaak
05. Moony Me – Magergarten

Uncanny Valley – Give’n’Take / Various Artists

Give’n’Take is a new series on Uncanny Valley that focuses on favourite and like- minded producers from some of our core artists. For the start, Cuthead picked Max Graef, S3A and Moony Me and also contributed two tracks to the EP himself.

Berlin’s wunderkind Max Graef hands in “Tittenkuschler“, a slow burner that will find a home on heartfelt dancefloors and sofas alike. Cuthead’s follows up with a punchy house affair called “Braziliance” and the super-relaxing Hip-Hop-cut “Öf Öf”.

On the flipside we have S3A from Paris with the discoid “Theuz Hamtaak”. He takes no prisoners with extensive sampling and an up and down bouncing arrangement. “Magergarten” from Vienna’s Moony Me runs in the same vein with its string-heavy break and powerfull drumming.

For the visual component Uncanny Valley asked Lucas Hunter aka Luca Lozano aka Luke to create one of his oldschool-praising artworks.


Uncanny Valley – Uncanny Valley [E.P.] [2014]

Uncanny Valley – Uncanny Valley [E.P.]
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01. DMX Krew – Astro Logical
02. Sandrow M – Prayervan (Live Version)
03. Jacob Korn – Eieiei
04. Drvg Cvltvre – See You Again Someday

Uncanny Valley – Uncanny Valley

Also Available On: 12″ Vinyl Edition