Rhythm Roulette: Thes One [Video] [2016]

Rhythm Roulette: Thes One [Video]

For this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal headed to the studio with Thes One.

As part of the beloved west coast duo, People Under The Stairs, Thes One was responsible for some some of the underground hip hop’s smoothest Cali vibes.

Thes One walks out of the record shop with Orquesta Conexion Latina, Joanna Gardner’s self-titled album, and the Modern Jazz Quartet’s The Sheriff. He gets right to work with his notepad and equipment, ripping various parts of Joanna’s songs for the ultimate lounge music creation. He didn’t expect to find anything on the “shitty” record but found the drums and melody strictly from Ms. Gardner. Thes One set out to only use parts of the records for his beat (no added outside drums) and he prevailed. Watch him craft your next morning-routine theme song above.