Beat Tape Remixes

Various Producer & Artist – Da Blends [Remixes] [2018]

Various Producer & Artist – Da Blends [Remixes]
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01. Olivier X Nas – Hail 2 The Burb King Systematic
02. Ruff-T X Fat Joe – Here MC New Wave
03. Etnnia Beatz X Volume 10 – Da Boombappa’ In Ya Ear Pistol Grip Pump
04. funky wavs x Yancey Bros – The Rhythm The Throwaway
05. D. Dand X DMX – Bottom Watcha Gonna Do
06. Cuth X Redman – Evil Things Rap Scholar
07. Brous One X Dilated Peoples – Campana Pay Attention
08. Mellowolf X The Visionaries – Untitled All Long
09. IROCC X Murs – One Two – Def Cover
10. Mike Flips X Mac Mall – Once Again Sic Wit Tis
11. Sadiva X The Nonce – 4EVA Turnin It Out

Various Producer & Artist – Da Blends

Beat Tape Instrumentals

The NONCE – NONCE BEATS [Beat Tape] [2014]

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01. Theme For Foundation
02. Two Hand Stance
03. Testing The DM
04. Who Falls Apart **original beat
05. Bus Stops**original beat
06. Conceited
07. 85
08. Master Bluff
09. On The Verge Of Cold Bustn
10. Arenas Built For Battle
11. Another One Crushed By Lust


The tone, Akai S900 and S950 both came with a tone to test the audio output, we took that tone and made it into all the sounds we dreamed of.

Going through the crates, putting it all together with my brother, Those times are forever etched in my mind.