Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #002 [Mix] [2018]

Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #002 [Mix]
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01. pjzero – Radio
02. Priesemut – Catalyst
03. Deep – OG Testament
04. Big Malk – Can’t Stop
05. DJ Design – Sparkdala (Madlib & Quasimoto)
06. Sun Raw – 08
07. Blu & Nottz – Creme Of The Crop (Feat – Versis & ScienZe)
08. The Mixtapers – Bloom [Instrumental]
09. KLIM beats – Boom Bap
10. Shon J – Advanced Meditation (Inhale Wisdom)
11. Brous One – Nostalgia
12. Evil Ed – Great Expectations
13. Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – The Arrival
14. Math-Mic – One Two
15. Homeboy Sandman & Edan – #NeverUseTheInternetAgain
16. Hi-Tek – The Illest it Gets (Feat – Buckshot)
17. 〄 DJM 〄 trio – Won’t Do (J Dilla)
18. Slum Village – Oh!
19. Exile – Eggsyle
20. MelloWolf – Piano
21. The Alchemist – Judas [Instrumental]
22. Smoke Trees – Central Park

Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #002

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The Mixtapers feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins – Flowers / Bloom [E.P.] [2018]

The Mixtapers feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins – Flowers / Bloom [E.P.]
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01. Flowers
02. Bloom
03. Tick Tock
04. Sunset
05. Odyssey

The Mixtapers feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins – Flowers / Bloom

Also Available On: Flowers / Bloom Chrome Cassette Tape or Flowers / Bloom 12″ Vinyl LP

“I founded The Mixtapers 5 years ago together with my homie Brothermartino, we enjoyed playing hip hop and modern funk live using analogue drum machines, bass, piano, and percussion. The Mixtapers is both a band and a production, it’s a duo/trio production which extends into a quartet/quintet live band depending on the kind of album we’re recording or live show we are doing.

Dudley dug our first EP and suggested to make a jam together with him and Georgia Anne, so we hit the studio and recorded the tracks in four days. They asked us to choose a couple of Georgia or Dudley’s tracks so that we could record a live version of them, we chose his track “Flowers” and “Sunset” (which we eventually kept instrumental). The day before the recording we had a very nice long video skype with Georgia and Dudley where she asked us to record very long tracks, like in a John Coltrane suite, that suggestion inspired the whole band approach to this recording session.

E.P. Instrumentals

The Mixtapers – We So Good EP (Feat – Yancey Boys, Distantstarr and More) [E.P.] [2016]

The Mixtapers – We So Good EP (Feat – Yancey Boys, Distantstarr and More) [E.P.]
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01. Glorious Days
02. Peaces
03. Don’t You Let It Go
04. We So Good
05. Glorious Days (The Ivory Boy Remix)
06. We So Good (Instrumental)
07. Peaces (Instrumental)
08. We So Good (Scott Xylo! Remix)

The Mixtapers – We So Good EP (Feat – Yancey Boys, Distantstarr and More)

It shouldn’t really matter where The Mixtapers hail from. But on the other hand, their music in the midst of Future Funk (à la The Internet, Dam-Funk oder James Pants) and classic hiphop reminds of the sound from LA and Toronto which is conquering the world right now. Martino Bisson and Michele Manzo come from Bologna, Italy though. And that’s exactly where they assembled a forceful squad to record 100% organically (no samples, no loops or any other Ableton gimmicks) with vintage synths (with Fender Rhodes leading the way), old drum machines and proper instruments a harmonious mini album.
Having yet attracted minor attention only with two cassette tapes (via Expansions Collective) within the blogosphere, now thanks to the signing by Sonar Kollektiv The Mixtapers will be introduced to a wider audience. “We So Good”, the title track of this collection, masterfully treads a tightrope between Golden Era Hiphop and the current funky friskiness of, let’s say Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper. No wonder, since we have the pleasure of a guest performance by the reincarnation of the legendary Yancey Boys here: Illa J and Frank Nitt celebrate the good ol’ days. For “Peaces” the Italians managed to get one of the hottest and “one to watch” MCs in their studio: DistantStarr from New York. The combination of his delivery with the voice of singer ALO and an extra bold production results in actually the perfect springtime hit of this still juvenile year. “Fresh for 2016”, can be said as well about “Don’t You Let It Go”, with Nico Menci at the keys and Danilo Mineo on percussions (both are present on all of the four tracks by the way).

On the flipside, “Glorious Days” gets treated with a bonus, a club remix by fellow Bolognese but now in Berlin residing The Ivory Boy. With his rework Scott Xylo! from Leicester shoves “We So Good” into Kaytranada waters while gaining head’s approval. The two instrumentals finishing this release off also make perfect sense when you have extraordinary musicians like the foursome The Mixtapers conjuring magic throughout “We So Good” and making us not getting enough of it at all. That’s how we will crave for more.


The Mixtapers – Quattro [E.P.] [2015]

The Mixtapers – Quattro [E.P.]
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01. BackSeat Heat
02. KungFu Class

The Mixtapers – Quattro

It is no surprise to anybody that Laruche loves Funk Music, a complete style which includes in its influences Jazz, Rock and Blues and a genre that has gone on to have a major influence on hip-hop.

It is thus with great pleasure that we present you “Quattro”, a 2 track EP produced by the very talented “The Mixtapers,” an Italian group hailing from Bologna that we discovered last year via the English label Expansions Collective

“The Mixtapers” formed back in 2012, founded by “Michele Manzo” and “Brothermartino” two musicians who had been friends since high school. The sound of “The Mixtapers” aims to be more in the lineage of Slave or Aurra than Italo-Disco (no offence Sabrina.)

The EP is made up not from computers or gadgets, but live instruments. The furious guitars punctuate a traditional funk rhythm strewed with notes of keyboards and warm basses.

Quattro is the duo’s (who over time have become more of a collective of musicians) fourth project.

Now sit back and listen to The Mixtapers their talent and integrity are undeniable.

Beat Tape

The Mixtapers – Our cassette tape weighs a ton [Beat Tape] [2015]

The Mixtapers – Our cassette tape weighs a ton [Beat Tape]
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01. Brother Jimmy
02. Mr Burger Man
03. The Glue
04. Pops Used To Say
05. The Knockout
06. Liquor Store Robbery
07. OowwwBabe

The Mixtapers – Our cassette tape weighs a ton

This time performing as a trio, The Mixtapers bring that golden age inspired, raw instrumental project. Seven joints, no loopin/cuttin/pasting, just proudly goin straight to tape live, the old school way.


The Mixtapers – Dawg Stroll / Shamanica [E.P.] [2015]

The Mixtapers – Dawg Stroll / Shamanica [E.P.]
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01. Dawg Stroll
02. Shamanica

The Mixtapers – Dawg Stroll / Shamanica

Hailing from Bologna, Italy, the Mixtapers bring that Future Funk vibe with a Hip Hop edge. They’re a band in the truest sense of the word: There are no Ableton loops here – from the synths to the analogue drum machines – everything is played live.

We’re proud to present this digital single as a taster of whats they have in store for the future. Keep your eyes open for new projects from them very soon!