The Lasso – 2121 [Album] [2021]

The Lasso – 2121 [Album]
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01. 2121
02. No Illusions
03. Will We Be Us Again?
04. All Gone
05. Satellite
06. The Abyss
07. Onyx
08. Unfurl
09. Amber Prisms
10. New Bud
11. Fly Futura

The Lasso – 2121


The Lasso – Satellite [Single] [2020]

The Lasso – Satellite [Single]
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01. The Lasso – Satellite

The Lasso – Satellite

Beat Tape Compilation

8OhEight – 8OhEight & Friends [Compilation] [2020]

8OhEight – 8OhEight & Friends [Compilation]
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01. Nick Arcade – Aha! (Intro)
02. Golden Dayo – question in my head
03. AMPLIFIED – 10 West
04. RND1 – so light
05. Altrice – ya ninja cuddle
06. PSYPIRTUAL – heardbawdy
07. Halsero – NIGHTRIDIN
08. Ty d Boi – More Time (God Body)
09. Jeshway – The Bounce
10. The Lasso – Leveneleven
11. MikeD – The Catalyst
12. LeGunk – BeenGoodToMe
13. ProducerTrentTaylor – sumSHIT
14. dVoid – lookforit//LBbbt
15. Cavi

8OhEight – 8OhEight & Friends

With so much going on from pandemics to politics to police brutality, The Duck comes back with some friends to try and spread some love and positivity into the world.


Small Bills (E L U C I D & The Lasso) – Don’t Play It Straight [Album] [2020]

Small Bills (E L U C I D & The Lasso) – Don’t Play It Straight [Album]
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01. Safehouse (feat. Fielded)
02. Sometimes Care Looks Like Leave Me The Fuck Alone (feat. billy woods)
03. We Don’t Really Need Altars (feat. KAYANA)
04. Moses Was A Magician
05. Here Be Dragons (feat. KAYANA)
06. E.T. Diamond (feat. Koncept Jackson)
07. The Masters Clock is X (feat. KAYANA)
08. Hush Harbor (feat. Nosaj)
09. Sunchoke (feat. Fielded)
10. Holes In The Air Caused by Light
11. Banneker’s Almanac
12. Sly (feat. KAYANA)
13. Falling Up (feat. Moor Mother)
14. Even Without You (feat. KAYANA)

Small Bills (E L U C I D & The Lasso) – Don’t Play It Straight


The Lasso – Oscillations [Video] [2019]

The Lasso – Oscillations [Video]

“My years in Arizona were a rebirth for me musically. After decades as a musician, I found a new voice there. Life circumstances forced me to move back home, but I owe a lot to the people and places of Arizona. I wanted my first video to display my love and respect to that sacred land”
-The Lasso


The Lasso – Ego Vanish: The Black Ego Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2019]

The Lasso – Ego Vanish: The Black Ego Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. Ego Vanish (instrumental)
02. Clypped (instrumental)
03. Facts (instrumental)
04. Peso (instrumental)
05. Dah Vapor (instrumental)
06. Fauna (instrumental)
07. Cess (instrumental)
08. Koolaide (instrumental)
09. All My Life (instrumental)
10. Buss It Til It Fit (instrumental)
11. Free Pack (instrumental)
12. From The Hip (instrumental)
13. Love Cold (instrumental)

The Lasso – Ego Vanish: The Black Ego Instrumentals

Instrumental Album

The Lasso – The Sound Of Lasso [Instrumental Album] [2019]

The Lasso – The Sound Of Lasso [Instrumental Album]
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01. Forevergreen
02. Respiration
03. Pier Of Dreams
04. Heaven
05. Portraits
06. Plum
07. Flutter
08. Rippling Mirror
09. Heliotrope
10. Saturn
11. Closer
12. Across A Reflection
13. Sol
14. Oscillations
15. Quaddro (BONUS)

The Lasso – The Sound Of Lasso

John Coltrane once claimed that you could play a shoestring if you’re sincere, so imagine what a sincere, gifted, and unremittingly devoted artist can do with a drum machine, piano, and 13 musicians at his disposal. With The Sound of Lasso, the Michigan composer, The Lasso, has turned these intangible emotions into lush wordless symphonies.

It’s a sound that’s capable of channeling both the beauty of a frozen great lake and the warmth of a tropical savannah; it’s psychedelic and eerily comforting, chameleonic but unmistakably the vision of a laser-focused mind. A melodic cauldron of lo-fi instrumental hip-hop, face melting beat music, tribal funk, future jazz, and Boards of Canada-style IDM blasted into the frigid unknown. The sort of record that proves that genre isn’t real but the soul is an immutable concept.

The genesis traces back to the summer of 2018, when unexpected life circumstances caused The Lasso to decamp from Tucson back to Michigan, where he spent his formative years. The previous several orbits had been focused on beatmaking and producing for Lando Chill, but an offer of a record contract from Mello Music Group and the newfound solitude in his native land offered him the opportunity to explore his own voice as a composer and home recording virtuoso.