Beat Tape

Tha Dots Lab – Something That Way [Beat Tape] [2015]

Tha Dots Lab – Something That Way [Beat Tape]
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01. Nystagmus (Come Up)
02. Fucnxiety
03. Something That Way
04. For 5th/Coffeeshop Dro (Interlude)
05. TanDrum (Kan)
06. Cosmo
07. Now & 4Ever (W/Ghost)
08. Errmm!!? (Buggin)
09. All Hints
10. Wahh!! (ErbSoup Mix)
11. DopeChef (Dotitude)
12. Wake Up
13. Alaska
14. Over & Free
15. Time
16. Bout That Time (Interlude)
17. Synth Funk
18. Back In Tha… (Moody)
19. Worldwide (Shout Out) / YellowSpaceApe (108.4FM Mix)
20. Long Time/Big Ups (JP)
21. Gypsyn Around Space
22. Cuts From ThaLab (90% Red Eye)
23. Room2 (encore)
24. Made in 2 (joints)
25. Cheeba Funk (progress)
26. Visions/Throwback
27. Miracles (interlude)
28. Bossa 303
29. Rockstar Babies (groupies)
30. Wild n Western
31. Planet Rock (ft kiss)
32. Never Say (special blend)

Tha Dots Lab – Something That Way

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette (Every Cassette is hand-printed, stamped and unique.
No two cassettes are the same, as all have varied dotted patterns.)

Also Available: Something That Way T-shirt

“Tha Dots Lab’s Something That Way is a science lesson on how to make good Hip Hop music, effortlessly using every element of the periodic table for full effect.”
-Wordplay Magazine