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SPELLWRKS – Mind Gems Vol. 4 (Smoker’s Delight) [Beat Tape] [2021]

SPELLWRKS – Mind Gems Vol. 4 (Smoker’s Delight) [Beat Tape]
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01. Smoker’s Delight (Intro)
02. Rawwwest Cuts
03. Over/Understand
04. Preguicoso
05. Thread Count
06. Lay It On
07. Mystery (Give Me)
08. Tinnitus (Intermission #1)
09. Pocket Check
10. Heavy Trees (ft. Jordan Webb)
11. Steppin’ Out
12. Dope Talk
13. Airplane Mode
14. Year of The Tiger
15. Omniverse (Intermission #2)
16. Layers
17. The Agenda
18. My Turn
19. Clear Your Mind
20. JusDoIt
21. Focus
22. Real Ones (Rare)
23. Reflections
24. JAM (Run!)
25. Finger Pressure
26. Yours Truly (Intermission #3)
27. No Fear
28. Nightsurfin’
29. DIY Jazz Music
30. (Girl) It’s Over
31. Delta-8 (One For Eli)
32. Microwave Soul
33. Gon Be Aiight (Outro)

SPELLWRKS – Mind Gems Vol. 4 (Smoker’s Delight)

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SPELLWRKS – Heavy Handed [Beat Tape] [2020]

SPELLWRKS – Heavy Handed [Beat Tape]
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01. MooCOW
02. Go On
03. Au
04. Sacred Geometry
05. Perfect Angels
06. Triumph
07. Whutever

SPELLWRKS – Heavy Handed

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SPELLWRKS – The WRKS, Pt. 1 [Beat Tape] [2019]

SPELLWRKS – The WRKS, Pt. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Morphine
03. Late Night Tales
04. Luv
05. Chill Ass Interlude
06. Chef Supreme


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SPELLWRKS – The WRKS, Pt. 2 [Beat Tape] [2019]

SPELLWRKS – The WRKS, Pt. 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Temple of Stan
02. Push (Mongo)
03. Summer Breeze
04. Let It Go
05. Honey n’ Citrus
06. The Watcher


Beat Tape

SPELLWRKS – 1986 [Beat Tape] [2019]

SPELLWRKS – 1986 [Beat Tape]
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01. 1986 (Intro)
02. Gnarrrrrr
03. 4D
05. Get A Gripp
06. King Game
07. K.M.A.
08. Polaroid
09. Savages
10. BGMmk
11. Private Eye Shit
12. Luvin’
13. Normalizor
14. Slabs (feat. Yclept Insan)



SPELLWRKS – Expectations [E.P.] [2018]

SPELLWRKS – Expectations [E.P.]
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01. River of the Gods
02. Dark House Party
03. Chunks
04. Shame

SPELLWRKS – Expectations

Also Available On: Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl

Collective Resonance and Austin, Texas-based artist Spellwrks are excited to announce this new mini EP. ‘Expectations’ sees Spellwrks (AKA Adrian Spelling) experiment with different styles, creating a project which is a fusion born out of inspiration from various genres.

This release complements Spellwrks’ back catalogue and is a nice demonstration of the evolution of his creative process since some of his recent preceding projects such as ‘Transitions’ and ‘Stimulus’, which came out in 2016 and 2017 respectively. We asked Spellwrks to touch on how this new project came about; the inspiration behind it and his creative processes going into it:

“This album is essentially a conveyance of my artistic struggle with definition and cohesion. I often bounce between different genres, and very little of my work actually sees the light of day due to my own concerns and anxiety over what I choose to share with the public. I created each of these tracks during different periods of the winter/early spring after purchasing the Prophet 12 synthesizer, which ultimately directed a lot of the sound design for these tracks.”

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SPELLWRKS – Stimulus [Beat Tape] [2017]

SPELLWRKS – Stimulus [Beat Tape]
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01. Night Ventures
02. Sapiens
03. Heavy Petting
04. Lucky Charms
05. The Siren
06. Resolution (pt. 1)
07. Resolution (pt. 2)
08. Remote Control

SPELLWRKS – Stimulus

Beat Tape

SPELLWRKS – Transitions [Beat Tape] [2016]

SPELLWRKS – Transitions [Beat Tape]
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01. Zero Relevance
02. SPELLWRKS w/ Les Lockheart – 5am [crusty eyes edit]
03. The Mantra
04. Galaxy Jiggler
05. Creeps
06. Leaving Yourself
07. Trick Room
08. Too Highhh
09. Habitats
10. Dry Erase (excuse)
11. Skylink
12. Lighter Than Air
13. Clearing The Path
14. Photographs
15. Who Cares/On My Mind
16. Transistions
17. Amalgamation [night light edit]\

SPELLWRKS – Transitions

Beat Tape

SPELLWRKS – HARD RESET [Beat Tape] [2016]

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01. Circadian Circles
02. Natural Selection
03. Amalgamation
04. Lightbending
05. Adjjjustments
06. Untitled #1
07. Little Visitor
08. Les Lockheart – Mama’s Bracelet (SPELLWRKS Remix)
09. Broadcast
10. Empyrean Rain
11. You Should Be Asleep
12. Dream Eater
13. Sleep Film (ft. Mge)
14. Resting Bitch Face
15. Breathe Easy
16. Dopamine Chaser
17. Tender Tentacles


Beat Tape

SPELLWRKS – Mind Gems 3 [Beat Tape] [2015]

SPELLWRKS – Mind Gems 3 [Beat Tape]
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01. All That Is Known
02. Wanderer
03. Clear Eyes
04. Merkaba
05. Cycles of Soul
06. Icosahedron
07. Tesseract
08. Radiant Frequency (Side A Outro)
09. Hominid Illumination (Side B Intro)
10. Metatron’s Cube
11. Nubian
12. Satellite Delay
13. Refraction
14. Button Masher
15. Spirals
16. Cosmic Spray (ft. Janine Yesim)
17. Breathe

SPELLWRKS – Mind Gems 3

Also Available On: Mind Gems 3 Limited Edition Cassette

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SPELLWRKS – 1986 [Beat Tape] [2015]

SPELLWRKS – 1986 [Beat Tape]
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01. 1986 [intro]
02. gnarrrrrr
03. 4d
05. dot.waves [ft. JHAS]
06. Get A Gripp
07. King Game
08. K.M.A.
09. Polaroid
10. angel.eyez [interlude]
11. Savages
12. BGMmk
13. Private Eye Shit
14. Luvin’
15. Normalizor
16. Slabs [ft. Yclept Insan]
17. Dizzy
18. Cokehead Dance Party [wtf]


SPELLWRKS latest LP, 1986, is a full-length release that we’re proud to offer through Natural Selection. Heavy synth basslines and leads compliment the low end sampling of 1980’s era synth-pop and RnB. From beginning to end, SPELLWRKS’ 1986 offers a lo-fi, drum heavy experience that’s sure to make you nod your head. So light one, turn the volume up, and ride out to 1986.

Beat Tape

SPELLWRKS – Super Chill [Beat Tape] [2015]

SPELLWRKS – Super Chill [Beat Tape]
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01. Syrup feat. Howie Wonder
02. Who Knowz
03. Think 2wice
04. Siam Slap
05. Glockenspit
06. Magikinureyez
07. Old City
08. Death Sleeper
09. Coastin’
10. Feeelit
11. Wrap It Up
12. Bombay Jazz
13. Sequences
14. Greenest Greenz
15. Night Time Maneuvers
16. Smoke Break
17. My Baby
18. Lilly’s Joint
19. Salami Rolls
20. Good Timez
21. Super Chill
22. Herbal Swing
23. Switter Beet

SPELLWRKS – Super Chill

Also Available On: Super Chill [Vinyl LP]

We’re proud to present our new project with SPELLWRKS a fresh member of the Urban Waves family who brought us this amazing album to kick off our cooperation. You might already know him from his own Bandcamp page and his releases on the awesome labels Wizrds Only & Natural Selection. He’s got quite a collection already and we strongly recommend checking his previous work.

Super Chill comes with all new tracks and provides the perfect sound for a laid back Summer night.

“The idea behind the music on SUPER CHILL is basically in the title. All of the tracks are super chill, and the ideas for creating them came to me very effortlessly. There’s some tracks on here that I would consider full “songs”, and there are some tracks that are only as long as they need to be. I wanted to bring back some of my more hip-hop influenced work and make something that everyone could just sit back and chill too.”

Beat Tape

SPELLWRKS – Overthinking [Deluxe Edition] [Beat Tape] [2014]

SPELLWRKS – Overthinking [Deluxe Edition] [Beat Tape]
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01. Overthinking [intro]
02. Anxious Hello
03. The Watcher
04. My Apparatus
05. Deer Stop [RWRK]
06. Back Scratcher
07. 1-Watt Love Song
08. Chef Supreme
09. O.T.A.A.O.
10. Free Spirit
11. Nighttime N-words [interlude]
12. Wut U See
13. Ethereal Epiphany
14. Black Cat
15. Extraction Highs

SPELLWRKS – Overthinking [Deluxe Edition]

Beat Tape


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01. Overthinking [intro]
02. Anxious Hello
03. The Watcher
04. My Apparatus
05. Deer Stop [RWRK]
06. Back Scratcher
07. 1 Watt Love Song
08. Chef Supreme
09. O.T.A.A.O.
10. Free Spirit
11. Nighttime N-words [interlude]
12. What U See
13. Ethereal Epiphany


“Overthinking” is SPELLWRKS debut release on Blvnt Records. For this release he demonstrates his versatility and range as an artist, while presenting a product free of unobstructed thought. From sampling kalimbas and children’s toys, to experimenting with field recorded textures and guitar riffs recorded in his home studio, SPELLWRKS proves that his musical technique is not one of predictability. Choosing not to follow any particular theme or method of musical production, he is able to convey his message more clearly to the listener. SPELLWRKS reminds us that music is a form of individual expression, by not “overthinking” his creative process, he is able to deliver a collection of tracks that take you on an emotional journey.

Beat Tape

Spellwrks – The Purge [Beat Tape] [2014]

Spellwrks – The Purge [Beat Tape]
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01. Windy C Loop
02. Brasilia
03. With Soul
04. Everything 4 u
05. Feel Everything
06. Ghostwalking
07. Horizun
08. Offer U More
09. Cali Bounce (lol)
10. Idea #3
11. Storm of Conciousness
12. Ego Trip

Spellwrks – The Purge

I periodically clean out my project folders, and normally just delete or sell the beats included in said folders. But this time, I felt like people should see behind the veil and peer into what the hell producers go through. This is a compilation of several projects where I played with different styles and attempted to master different techniques. With so many sounds being made everyday, not everything I do is going to be great, which leads to “The Purge”. **NOTE: Feel free to rap over/remix/sample any of this material, all I ask is that you give credit for the source material. Peace.