Beat Tape

Shag – Composure [Beat Tape] [2017]

Shag – Composure [Beat Tape]
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01. Timepiece
02. Don’t Know Where I’m Goin’
03. Testin’
04. Genres
05. Okay
06. No Scale
07. Take a Breather
08. Likwid
09. Grimace
10. Monotony
11. Please
13. Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do
14. Saturday Night

Shag – Composure


Shag – Shag To The Future (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals] [2017]

Shag – Shag To The Future (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Lo Life (Instrumental)
02. Taking Off (Instrumental)
03. Stars (Instrumental)
04. Just Honest (Instrumental)
05. Narcotics (Instrumental)
06. Dope (Instrumental)
07. Want Some From Me (Instrumental)
08. You Ain’t (Instrumental)

Shag – Shag To The Future (Instrumentals)


Shag – The Remix Suite [Remixes] [2016]

Shag – The Remix Suite [Remixes]
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01. Glass
02. Vibraphonez
03. Hovatones
04. Rats
05. Gemstone
06. Caution Flag
07. Geek’d Up
08. Bad Mood
09. Danjaruss
10. Relax And Get The $$$
11. Razabax
12. Hearmedoe
13. Waterfall Beef

Shag – The Remix Suite

Listen to this after dark in a hazy and dimly-lit room all by yourself. Save it for a time when your mind is stress-free and aware of that fact – right after work on a Friday night, or sometime similar. You can stray from that suggestion if time isn’t a luxury, but don’t ignore this one: listen at high volumes. Make the music the most prominent thing in the room while you’re listening. Mimic a live setting and I think you will get the best and most personal experience possible out of these tracks.

These tracks are from a universe where dusty jazz lounges can be found on every street corner, pop music is made up of more than three major chords, and a Fender Rhodes sits heavily used in a corner of every home. Rap music is still around (there’s no way it wouldn’t manifest), but has evolved with different influences being more prominent. I imagined myself being the one lucky enough to be asked to create some of the tapestries for these wordsmiths (and Gucci Mane) to rap over, and applied the vibes appropriately.

Beat Tape

Shag – Hermit [Beat Tape] [2015]

Shag – Hermit [Beat Tape]
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01. Solitude is Bliss
02. Aloof
03. Gold Dust
04. My Mind
05. When You’re Real (Page Me)
06. Tough Guys
07. Whisper
08. If You Change Your Mind
09. This Town
10. Ear To The Streets
11. Jay Dee & Elzhi – Come Get It (Shag Remix)
12. Dead Prez – Police State (Shag Remix)

Shag – Hermit

Beat Tape

Shag – Don’t Mind Me [Beat Tape] [2014]

Shag – Don’t Mind Me [Beat Tape]
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01. Buddha
02. Parker (ft. Wild Bill)
03. Don’t Mind Me
04. Just Dreaming
05. Old Before My Time
06. What Am I Doing Here?
07. She Doesn’t Know
08. Not Fazed
09. Metamorphosis
10. Still…

Shag – Don’t Mind Me

Beat Tape

Shag – Really This Time [Beat Tape] [2014]

Shag – Really This Time [Beat Tape]
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01. Spaced
02. Numb
03. Turbulence
04. Don’t Even Try
05. I Never Leave
06. Some Days
07. Not Psyched
08. I’ve Been Waiting
09. What Could Have Been
10. Hello?
11. Meditate
12. I’ve Tried
13. Simplicity (Neo Bark Town)
14. Big L – MVP (Shag Remix)

Shag – Really This Time

I don’t really know what I have to say about this one. A lot of these beats have been sitting around the past couple of months so I figured it would be a good idea to compile everything together. I didn’t realize I had a lot of these finished!

This doesn’t detract from the final product though. I’ve been in a constant state of mind the past couple of months and it is reflected in the songs, their melodies, and any sample selections I chose. It was nice to get everything together and out there to see how I’ve been changing and progressing as a musician and as a person on a deeper level.

Most of these beats are going towards other projects or have already been promised to individuals I’m making music with locally, so I can’t give anyone leasing or exclusive usage rights. Sorry! When you hear the music we’ve been working on it’ll be worth it.

As always, I appreciate all of you who follow me actively and listen to everything I put out. You guys are the reason I do this, and I mean that more than ever when I say it now.

Lots in store for the summer, so stick around.



Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – Long Live Dilla [Compilation] [2014]

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – Long Live Dilla [Compilation]
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01. 1 From Shag
02. 1 From Jazz Spastiks
03. 1 From Love Anwar
04. 1 From Tito Fiasco
05. 1 From Tek Nalo G
06. 1 From Qryssen
07. 1 From V E S A
08. 1 From ——-
09. 1 From DJ Bless
10. 1 From Ikabod Bum & Coco Kaknuckles
11. 1 From Es-K
12. 1 From Kuartz
13. 1 From Tarik Sabar
14. 1 From Dr. Dundiff
15. 1 From DJ Proof
16. 1 From Tallen
17. 1 From Jewel’God
18. 1 From King Capitol Steady
19. 1 From Al Dali
20. 1 From Howie Wonder
21. 1 From JuSoul

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – Long Live Dilla

This one is dedicated to the one and only James “J Dilla” Yancey. We love you and we will never forget what you have done for all of us and the Hip-Hop community. JayDee changed our lives forever, so forever his name shall live. Long Live Dilla !

Big ups to Qryssen for this idea and for organizing /designing this whole project. We’re honored to be presenting this tape to the public and can’t wait to release more good music. Also, a major shout out to all the artists who contributed tracks. Make sure you go check out their pages below and show them support! God bless.


Shag – Thank You (Dilla Says Wooooooo) [Single] [2014]

Shag – Thank You (Dilla Says Wooooooo) [Single]
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01. Thank You (Dilla Says Wooooooo)

Shag – Thank You (Dilla Says Wooooooo)

An exclusive from the “Long Live Dilla” compilation tape coming out later this month.

Beat Tape

Shag – Somnus [Beat Tape] [2014]

Shag – Somnus [Beat Tape]
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01. Insomnia (Intro)
02. Breathe
03. I Had To Go
04. Gone Again
05. Hourglass (Interlude)
06. Can’t Speak
07. Lady (Woman)
08. You Don’t See Me
09. Restless
10. Lifted (Interlude)
11. What Do You Expect?
12. Even In Death
13. MadGibbs – Terrorist (Shag Remix)
14. MadGibbs – Shame (Shag Remix)
15. MF DOOM – My Favorite Ladies (Shag Remix)

Shag – Somnus

Dope new beat tape from Shag, really worth checking out!


MF DOOM – My Favorite Ladies (Shag Remix) [Remix] [2014]

MF DOOM – My Favorite Ladies (Shag Remix) [Remix]
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01. My Favorite Ladies (Shag Remix)

MF DOOM – My Favorite Ladies (Shag Remix)