Instrumentals Remixes

J.Rocc – Thug Ballads [Remixes] [2018]

J.Rocc – Thug Ballads [Remixes]
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01. Thugs f. Big Noyd & Rakim
02. Rare Crime
03. Microphone f. Das Efx
04. Survival
05. Storm
06. Hell
07. Microphone (Instrumental)
08. Storm (Instrumental)

J.Rocc – Thug Ballads


MF DOOM, Sade, Seanh – SADEVILLAIN II [Remixes] [2017]

MF DOOM, Sade, Seanh – SADEVILLAIN II [Remixes]
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01. The Creation
02. Oh, They Don’t Know (ft. Mos Def)
03. Meat Grindah
04. Fun Is High
05. Blunted (ft. Sean Price)
06. Shadows Of Life
07. The Toughest (ft. Raekwon)
08. My Friends, Or Strangers?
09. Easy As Pi


The 2nd installment of my SADEVILLAIN project featuring the gritty voiced MF DOOM and the soulful soft voice of the lovely Sade. All mixed and produced by Seanh.

A massive thank you to the reddit user /r/jimmyjrg who provided me with MF DOOM stems (vocal extraction) which made this mixtape possible.

Just a heads up, this is an UNOFFICIAL mixtape that was created purely for an experimental purposes, I don’t want to misinform people that think this is a real project, it is purely made for entertainment purposes and I really hope that you guys will enjoy the music!