Joe Louis – Joe’s Spicy Lasagna 3 – Hungry For More [Remixes] [2020]

Joe Louis – Joe’s Spicy Lasagna 3 – Hungry For More [Remixes]
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01. Pusha T ft. Jay-Z – Drug Dealers Anonymous
02. Dizzy Wright – Can’t Trust Em
03. Westside Gunn & MF Doom – 2 Stings
04. Shyne – Bad Boy
05. Future – Fuck Up Some Commas
06. Phonte – The Good Fight
07. Blu – Power to the People
08. Nipsey Hussle – Grindin All My Life

Joe Louis – Joe’s Spicy Lasagna 3 – Hungry For More

Beat Tape Remixes

djitruth – 30 Trenta [Remixes] [2019]

djitruth – 30 Trenta [Remixes]
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01. Iwant1Luv
02. UmayNotKnxw
03. wHatUgOt4mE
04. nOgAmEs
05. Slo
06. tRaNsOuLeR
07. GiMMe mInes
08. tOThEtop (LoFiMix)
09. WePa
10. JcOole
11. wHatUgOt4mE Instrumental
12. djitruth featuring Caron Wheeler – TotHeTop BoNuS Track

djitruth – 30 Trenta


MF Doom & Q-Cut – Kaijuvillain [Remixes] [2018]

MF Doom & Q-Cut – Kaijuvillain [Remixes]
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01. Meat Grinder
02. America’s Most Blunted
03. Rainbows
04. Mint Test
05. Money Folder
06. Shadows of Tomorrow ft. Lord Quas
07. Strange Ways
08. Figaro
09. Great Day

MF Doom & Q-Cut – Kaijuvillain


Funky DL – The Jazz Lounge [Remixes] [2016]

Funky DL – The Jazz Lounge [Remixes]
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01. But That’s Not Me (Jazz Lounge Remix)
02. You Know Me (Jazz Lounge Remix)
03. Le Jazz Courant Noir (Jazz Lounge Remix)
04. Out Of Touch (Jazz Lounge Remix)
05. Star Signs feat. Lei-an (Jazz Lounge Remix)
06. Ode To Nujabes (Jazz Lounge Remix)
07. So Sexy (Jazz Lounge Remix)
08. I’m A Beast (Jazz Lounge Remix)
09. Back Around The Old School (Jazz Lounge Remix)
10. No Time For Looking Back (Jazz Lounge Remix)
11. Cut From The Illest (Jazz Lounge Remix)
12. Wealthy feat. Lei-an (Jazz Lounge Remix)
13. The Morning (Jazz Lounge Remix)
14. That’s Love (Jazz Lounge Remix)
15. Blazing A 55 (Instrumental)
16. I Love… (Jazz Lounge Remix)
17. Scratchin’ My Head (Jazz Lounge Remix)

Funky DL – The Jazz Lounge

Back on his modus operandi of Jazz infested flavours, Funky DL treats his fans with his new release “The Jazz Lounge”, an album of fresh remixes of some of his beloved classics. The Jazz Lounge in many places strips down the beats to a lounge style swing as Funky DL serenades the microphone with his smooth rhymes and effortless flow. The album tickles the ears in the form of a DJ mix, with each track blending seamlessly into the next. This is the kind of album that true appreciators of Jazz and Hip-Hop will really enjoy and replay over and over; a “jazztastic” listen indeed!


Shag – The Remix Suite [Remixes] [2016]

Shag – The Remix Suite [Remixes]
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01. Glass
02. Vibraphonez
03. Hovatones
04. Rats
05. Gemstone
06. Caution Flag
07. Geek’d Up
08. Bad Mood
09. Danjaruss
10. Relax And Get The $$$
11. Razabax
12. Hearmedoe
13. Waterfall Beef

Shag – The Remix Suite

Listen to this after dark in a hazy and dimly-lit room all by yourself. Save it for a time when your mind is stress-free and aware of that fact – right after work on a Friday night, or sometime similar. You can stray from that suggestion if time isn’t a luxury, but don’t ignore this one: listen at high volumes. Make the music the most prominent thing in the room while you’re listening. Mimic a live setting and I think you will get the best and most personal experience possible out of these tracks.

These tracks are from a universe where dusty jazz lounges can be found on every street corner, pop music is made up of more than three major chords, and a Fender Rhodes sits heavily used in a corner of every home. Rap music is still around (there’s no way it wouldn’t manifest), but has evolved with different influences being more prominent. I imagined myself being the one lucky enough to be asked to create some of the tapestries for these wordsmiths (and Gucci Mane) to rap over, and applied the vibes appropriately.