Beat Tape

Prospect – S♤L Luupz [Beat Tape] [2015]

Prospect – S♤L Luupz [Beat Tape]
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01. LoFi Bump
02. Lock It Down (Raw Draft)
03. Spatial Awareness
04. Fakin’ (Raw Draft)
05. Small Stones
06. Vision
07. Nstlga
08. Life (Remix)

Prospect – S♤L Luupz

Just a loner who spends time in his room making beats on his laptop, nothing special in what I do. I take inspiration from a lot of artists and also my peers who are 1000x better than me lol
Just a few of the 1000’s of dusty beats I leave to get dusty, this is just a journey through time of my progression of beats over the past 2 years. Many thanks for those who actually took the time out to press play and if you don’t mind supporting me pay for my Master’s Degree Tuition fees any aid is welcome 🙂 but by all means if you want to just vibe and listen to them Thank you.