Willie Green – Hi​-​Fi Hip Hop [Podcast] [2019]

Willie Green – Hi​-​Fi Hip Hop [Podcast]
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01. Finding Fidelity
02. Up, Down, Left, Right
03. The Tone Controller
04. ILL Communications
05. billy woods interview
06. The Knock
07. Special Delivery Mailbag
08. Saturation Stories
09. Delays
10. The Vocal Chain
11. Blockhead Interview Pt. 1
12. Blockhead Interview Pt. 2
13. Vocal Production
14. Client Concerns
15. Reverberations
16. The Low Low
17. ELUCID Interview
18. Effective Editing and Processing
19. File Management
20. Percussive Force
21. Total Recall
22. Get On The Buss
23. Uncommon Nasa Interview Pt. 1
24. Uncommon Nasa Interview pt. 2
25. Season Finale

Willie Green – Hi​-​Fi Hip Hop

In 2018 I released the podcast series “Hi-Fi Hip Hop with Willie Green” through Patreon. The series focused on the specific needs and skills of the hip-hop engineer.

What felt like a brief run turned out to be 28 episodes over two seasons. I decided to end it because my studio workload was too heavy to continue with this, but I have since felt like there was too much good info to be left unavailable.

This is the entirety of Season 1, nearly 20 hours of techniques, mixing concepts and interviews.