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Pragmatic Theory – Raw Theory : California [Compilation] [2016]

Pragmatic Theory – Raw Theory : California [Compilation]
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01. Blap Deli – The Voodoo
02. Bayroo Burner – Out of Time
03. Ikabod Bum – Infinity Cloud
04. Vladee DeeBoq – Kwame
05. Cache – Badoo
06. Jaames – #
07. Prozak Morris – Swap Meet Loaf
08. Sweatson Klank – Legacy
09. Dibia$e – Trife pt.2 [89]
10. Sir Froderick – Keep Bouncing
11. Perksun – Twice Baked
12. Low Key – State 5
13. Emune – Stardust
14. Kaknukles – Forward
15. Ritchrd – Forget
16. S0ul Unreal – I Can Do That Too
17. Broke – Large Professor

Pragmatic Theory – Raw Theory : California

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl or Raw Theory 12″+ Blap Deli 12″ + Broke Cassette + Venomous2000 12″ & CD

Pragmatic Theory + Raw Data = Raw Theory

RAW THEORY corresponds with the inevitable, if not pre-destined, phenomena in which two avant-garde beat movements collide with one another. UK based label, Pragmatic Theory, and Northern California’s imprint, RAW DATA, have both alternated releases of iconic compilations since 2012. “RAW THEORY: California” is the first joint venture between the two camps with a focus on Californian beat-makers and their unique and diverse offerings, from the comfortably progressive to the classically trained blaps. This is the first of two volumes.

Pragmatic Theory and RAW DATA (PTXRD) are proud that all the profits from this release will be donated to the local homeless shelter and food bank of Modesto Gospel Mission –

We’d like to thank Ikabod Bum for the hard work he put in to this project & to all the artists who were kind enough to submit their music. Without you all this would never have been possible.


Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP [E.P.] [2014]

Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP [E.P.]
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01. Gravel
02. Toonami
03. Hush
04. Ballet
05. Touching Glass

Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP

Pragmatic Theory & Bläp Dëli have teamed up once again to bring you the ‘Ballet Happiness EP’. Bläp Dëli is an artist who can seemingly turn his hand to any style or genre & do so with an aptitude that many can only aspire to.

Here are a few words from the good man himself about the release :
“Ballet happiness is an experimental dance EP composed by Emmett Kai, BläpDëli. In attempt to merge both UK garage and soul/jazz composition, this EP is to take on a unique sound with the influence of Mount Kimbie, Burial, and Pascaal type music.
A psychedelic walk through European nightclubs and alleyways. Sexual and yet contemplative.” – Bläp Dëli


Pragmatic Theory – SYNAESTHESIA [Compilation] [2014]

Pragmatic Theory – SYNAESTHESIA [Compilation]
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02. Doc iLLingsworth – Tomorrow Came
03. Infinite Potentials – Wuts Gonna Happen…
04. Chief – LOW THUMP
05. Brock Berrigan – Gluten Free Lapdance
06. Nameless – TRILLIONaires
07. Melodiesinfonie – Low It Down
08. S.F.T – All In Check
09. Psymun – Animal Kingdom
11. RunRun Raw – Green Morning & Night Tea
12. Glyphick – Springboard
13. STRAANGE – ..CuttinUp..
14. Question – Una Nota
15. Keor Meteor – Nevada
16. Twit One – Zwielichtige
17. Sixfingerz – Put The Hurt Down
18. Prozak Morris – Carnal Knowledge
19. Jaames – 1999
20. Blap Deli – Laundry
21. Snubluck – Not So Bad
22. Lidly – Float On
23. Shuffle Jack – Warm And Fuzzy
24. Robot Orchestra – Autumn Leaves
25. Handbook – You Don’t Have It
26. Weirddough – Dressed Down
27. Wun Two – Light
28. Dj Breeze – Reel Life
29. Maw- – Yokogao
30. The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester) – Check Your Led
31. Es-K – Critital Thinking
32. DJ Sapien – Live For This
33. Dr Dundiff -ThisLifeBOUNCE
34. Pawcut – To Mari 2
35. Funky Notes – CHECK YOUR HEAD
36. Ben Bada Boom – P.Y.S. (Pretty Young Synth)

Pragmatic Theory – SYNAESTHESIA

Beat Tape

Prozak Morris – Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos [Beat Tape] [2014]

Prozak Morris – Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos [Beat Tape]
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01. Initiate Audio Transmission Sequence
02. Setting A Course For The 18th Solar System
03. Jamming The Dematerialization Sequencer
04. Welcome Aboard The One Man One Dog Enterprise
05. In Pursuit Of The Multiple Infrasonic Dimensional Infrastructure
06. PZMsW51986’s Message Will Live On
07. Disengage Audio Transmission Sequence

Prozak Morris – Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos


Pragmatic Theory – Light Works [Compilation] [2014]

Pragmatic Theory – Light Works [Compilation]
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01. Go Yama x Elaquent – Taste So Sweet Real
02. Question – Better Man
03. Robot Orchestra – Sunshine, Blue Skies
04. Beat Machine Aron – Extra Fly
05. Bläp Dëli – We.Serch
06. Linn Mori – Underwear
07. Shuffle Jack – Sumsumadis
08. Nameless – And You Don’t Stop
09. Prozak Morris – May I Toke With You
10. Doc iLLingsworth – Bowlfull
11. Keor Meteor – All Alone
12. The Deli – The Vibes
13. Funky Notes – I Know What You’re Missing
14. Amin Payne – Mystical Minds
15. Brock Berrigan – Alessa
16. Es-K – NoteSpkR
17. Glyphick – Organic Donuts
18. Cookie Monster Galaxy – Voyager
19. Lidly – Blue
20. Ill The Essence – Quhonji Dub
21. Stikz – Love’s A Gamble
22. MadColour – Begging For More
23. Ben Bada Boom – Midnight Lane
24. Melodiesinfonie – Sugar Soul Swing
25. J. Felix – It’s Clear
26. Weirddough – Cruisin
27. Byrdversion1 – Who Are You
28. Lifted Aquatic – Nubian Song
29. Dr. Dundiff – Grips

Pragmatic Theory – Light Works

‘Light Works’ is a free compilation brought to you by Pragmatic Theory Records. These releases wouldn’t be possible without the artists involved giving us their time & music, so to them we are forever grateful. If you like what you hear, please support & follow the individual artists that feature on the album.

Artists that feature on ‘Light Works” are :
Go Yama, Elaquent, Question, Robot Orchestra, Beat Machine Aron, Bläp Dëli, Linn Mori, Shuffle Jack, Nameless, Prozak Morris, Doc iLLingsworth, Keor Meteor, The Deli, Funky Notes, Amin Payne, Brock Berrigan, Es-K, Glyphick, Cookie Monster Galaxy, Lidly, Ill The Essence, Stikz, MadColour, Ben Bada Boom, Melodiesinfonie, J. Felix, Weirddough, Byrdversion1, Lifted Aquatic & Dr. Dundiff.

Beat Tape

Bläp Dëli – Whispër​.​Më [Beat Tape] [2014]

Bläp Dëli – Whispër​.​Më [Beat Tape]
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01. Love&YourImagination
02. Mao
03. Licker
04. Dairy
05. ForMyFirstBorn
06. FreaknU
07. Rome
08. WetBean
09. All4U
10. CleverBar
11. CovurGirl
12. Handpainting
13. Jon_B
14. Infatuated
15. Outro
16. Rooted (Bonus EP)
17. Darn (Bonus EP)
18. FshBole (Bonus EP)
19. BubbleGum Melody (Bonus EP)
20. (Bonus EP)

Bläp Dëli – Whispër​.​Më

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

With the beginnings of UK based label Pragmatic Theory inspired by interactions & admiration of the talent found within an underground music community, happening upon Bläp Dëli’s page, we unanimously felt we had stumbled across someone special. Immediately reaching out, talks of releasing both his first LP vinyl & Pragmatic Theory’s, went underway. In capturing the musical essence of the finished album, its cover art was an integral representation of the project as a whole & we had the pleasure and fortune to be able to work with the extremely talented LA artist Augustine Kofie to fulfil that aim. Spanning a wide range of genres & styles that align with the vision of both the artist Bläp Dëli & label Pragmatic Theory alongside the perfect visual landscape Kofie has created, we welcome you to join us in this journey a year in the making of which we hold close to our hearts. Please enjoy Bläp Dëli’s ‘Whispër.Më.’
Bläp Dëli ‘Whispër.Më’ LTD Edition Vinyl is available from our Website, Bandacmp page & as of the second week of June HHV, Jetset Japan & various Worldwide independent record stores. ‘Whispër.Më’ will also be available digitally through i-Tunes, Amazon, Juno, Spotify & various online digital music sites in the coming days & weeks.