Fresh By Nature Records – Phases [Album] [2019]

Fresh By Nature Records – Phases [Album]
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01. Gold Rose, Candi Fresca – Another
02. Candi Fresca, Lawtisha Williams, Mellow XZACKT – Living For Me
03. Joey Aich, Paper Paulk – Boulevard
04. Cathalyn, Candi Fresca – Bad Girl
05. James John, J. Rawls – Pick Your Weapon
06. Mercy
07. Get Away
08. Not Really…
09. Lover’s Lane
10. They Lookin’
11. Miyenz

Fresh By Nature Records – Phases

Also Available On: Phases Cassette

The women of Freshproduce. (Brittany ‘Red-I’ Benton and Samantha ‘Playne Jayne’ Flowers) join forces again for their fifth album, Phases . This project is the duo’s most collaborative project to date with ten collaborations highlighting Cleveland’s richly diverse music scene. Flowers shines lyrically over a variety of vibes produced by Red-I’s combination of deep experimental grooves and golden era bounce. Columbus hip-hop legend, J. Rawls, makes a guest appearance with his production on the reggae-infused track called “Pick Your Weapon”.


FreshProduce. – We Are FreshProduce. [Album] [2015]

FreshProduce. – We Are FreshProduce. [Album]
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01. More Like You ft. Lauren Ashley
02. Beautiful/The Mantra
03. Tips Get Shifty
04. The Stroll
05. The Queen
06. For Pete
07. Goddess (Gave Birth to This)
08. Tried to Warn Him
09. Where Do We Go?

FreshProduce. – We Are FreshProduce.

It was Christmas night in 2014 when DJ Red-I (Brittany Benton) and Playne Jayne (Samantha Flowers) joined forces to form the hip-hop duo, FreshProduce. What originally began as a few impromptu ciphers, soon became the full-length album, We Are FreshProduce., a blend of thought-provoking lyrics paired with lush, soulful beats. In 2015, they released their first single, “More Like You.”