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Pigeondust – Way Back When [Beat Tape] [2020]

Pigeondust – Way Back When [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Chienowa
03. Class 
04. Dummies 
05. Kan-nana Street
06. Pigeondust & Ozoyo – Magicnight
07. Cuttape
08. Spiral Beat
09. Skit
10. Intro 2
11. Sky
12. Altona
13. Maze
14. Jazzloop A
15. M-v-g-i
16. Jazzloop B
17. Reminiscence
18. Home
19. Mektup
20. Pigeondust & DRWN. – Intense
21. Nothing But Jazz Loops
22. Wave
23. Jazzloop C
24. Sunnyday
25. Jazzloop D
26. Rain
27. Jazzloop E
28. Jazzloop F
29. Struggle
30. Back In The Days
31. B-Boy Blue (Long Version)
32. Numero 3
33. Skaters
34. Keep On
35. Fiesta
36. 1973

Pigeondust – Way Back When

Also Available On: Limited Edition Double 12″ Vinyl or Limited Edition Cassette & Limited Edition Compact Disc

“For me, sampling is like a collaboration,” says DJ Yuta Yamaoka, better known to global beatheads as Pigeondust. Residing in Chiba, Japan, Pigeondust spends his days either vinyl-digging or sourcing samples — that is, creating sonic collaborations — from his discoveries. Pigeondust is also a member of the EN TOKYO crew, representing a new generation of Japanese beat-makers who draw from a large variety of genres. In 2015, Pigeondust joined Cold Busted with his fantastic album Moon, Wisdom & Slackness. He now follows up with an ambitious double album titled Way Back When.

Way Back When explores a galaxy of hip hop styles throughout its whopping 36 cuts. The vibe is gritty and street-smart, samples from jazz, funk, world music, and other pathways poured into one groovable stew. “Chienowa” sets the tone with its tough beat, funk bass pops, and fly-by musical riffs. “Spiral Beat” is also notable for its arpeggiated jazz loop that shifts into gentle ‘70s piano soul. And the collaborations aren’t exclusive with samples — Turkish producer Ozoyo joins Pigeondust for the drum-twisting nature walk of “Magicnight,” and Swiss producer DRWN. appears on cut-up jazz jam “Intense.” There’s much to explore here.

The album is available from Cold Busted on double vinyl, its packaging a loving homage to Yo! MTV Raps and its sought-after trading cards. Each Vinyl album comes with a Pigeondust trading card complete with artist photo and vital stats. Represent.

Beat Tape Compilation Instrumentals

Beat Tape Co Op & Intelligent Sound – Future Relics Vol. 1 [Compilation] [2015]

Beat Tape Co Op & Intelligent Sound – Future Relics Vol. 1 [Compilation]
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01. Funkonami – Supah Stellar
02. KLIM Beats – Central St.
03. GinjahBeard – Mouth 2 Mouth
04. ZeMauno – Downtown Flavours
05. MikeD – Russel Ave
06. Svvje – Believe
07. ATLASt – God Made Me Funky
08. Inner Sound – Alter Future
09. Sacred Crates – Blood Diamond (Chain Snatcher)
10. Ronin Beats – Smart
11. MentPlus – Little Kids
12. Dan Matic – Strawberry Lemonade
13. Ill Tal – Experimenting
14. Eighty9s – El Nino
15. Kuartz – Time
16. Lofidel – Blind
17. Bmoody – Skillatons
18. TSON – Dumbcastles2
19. Planet Lunch – Gooey
20. Marv Krown – Luv In Lite Years
21. ℂo∆ch-Mo-TΣl [x] r e n e s c h i e r – Differentworld
22. Je$u$ – Wah Wah
23. Ziga Murko – Tableta
24. Piegondust – When we were

Beat Tape Co Op & Intelligent Sound – Future Relics Vol. 1

Available On: Limited Edition Reversible Cover – 1st Run [Cassette]

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Beat Tape

Pigeondust x Bugseed – 7th Wonder [Beat Tape] [2014]

Pigeondust x Bugseed – 7th Wonder [Beat Tape]
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01. Pigeondust – Yogurt Girl
02. Bugseed – Life Suite
03. Pigeondust – Pussy Galore
04. Bugseed – Elvin Sir Jones
05. Pigeondust – 7th Wonder
06. Bugseed – Tino
07. Pigeondust – Big Mangoes
08. Bugseed – Quicksand
09. Pigeondust – Better Paid Job
10. Bugseed – Peresina
11. Pigeondust – Does of Soul
12. Bugseed – Snowbird Fantasy
13. Pigeondust – Lazy Moments
14. Bugseed – Dead Princess

Pigeondust x Bugseed – 7th Wonder

Pigeondust & Bugseed present a split beattape with full of dusty beats and vibes. These collection of tracks from Tokyo eastside were made in 2014 after Bugseed’s laptop has crashed by using Pigeondust’s old computer. They are living in the neighboorhood and knows each other since over 5 yrs ago but this is first time to make beattape together. dont sleep on those fresh underground vibes.