Phoniks – The Quarantine Tape [Remixes] [2020]

Phoniks – The Quarantine Tape [Remixes]
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01. back in the day
02. wanderlust
03. on & on
04. machine gun jazz
05. passin me by
06. anything
07. the enemy
08. ms jackson
09. itzsoweezee
10. street dreams
11. all in together
12. metal thangz

Phoniks – The Quarantine Tape

Also Available On: Quarantine Tape Instrumentals on Compact Disc

Beat Tape

Phoniks – Time Goes By [Beat Tape] [2020]

Phoniks – Time Goes By [Beat Tape]
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01. Time Goes By
02. A Simple Answer
03. One Time ft. DJ Eveready
04. Later Days
05. Worlds Collide
06. Raindrops
07. The Way Things Go
08. Float Away
09. What Am I Here For
10. When The Wind Blows
11. Deadly Intentions
12. Morning
13. About Time
14. The Day After
15. The Get Down
16. Hurts So Bad
17. Sunrise
18. T24rs In Heav8n

Phoniks – Time Goes By

Also Available On: 12″ Limited Edition Vinyl & Limited Edition Cassette & Compact Disc

Coming off the heels of being highlighted in a new Netflix documentary “Underdogs” (link in sidebar) Don’t Sleep Records artist Phoniks is back at work releasing his new atmospheric instrumental tape titled “Time Goes By”. Phoniks weaves foreign jazz loops, soundtracks and soul b-sides together with apocalyptic movie samples, DJ cuts and vinyl drums to form a cohesive 18-track album. Phoniks continues to evolve his sound, bringing more live instruments into the mix than on any of his previous projects. The album opens with jazz chords played off a midi keyboard, using sound design techniques to make them feel like they were sampled out of a dusty attic somewhere, before homogenizing with real vinyl loops as the beat drops. Compositions such as “One Time” ft. DJ Eveready are completely sample-free. Despite the addition of more instruments, it’s still the crate digging ability and ear for melodic jazz samples that drives the sound across the albums 41 minute runtime. Available on CD, Vinyl and Cassette, Phoniks continues to bring his listeners on a journey that began with his debut solo album “Down To Earth” last October. Don’t Sleep.

Beat Tape

Phoniks – Down To Earth [Beat Tape] [2018]

Phoniks – Down To Earth [Beat Tape]
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01. Satellites
02. Somewhere In The Night Sky
03. Day Break
04. Don’t Want To Lose You
05. Inner Visions
06. Cruisin
07. Ten Nine
08. It’ll All Be Over
09. How High The Moon
10. After The Rain
11. Cosmos
12. Interplanetary
13. Message To Earth
14. Never Built To Fly
15. Astrologic
16. A Path Thru Haze
17. Drifting
18. Light Years Away

Phoniks – Down To Earth

Also Available On: 12″ Limited Edition Vinyl (Pre-Order), Limited Edition Cassette & Down To Earth on Compact Disk

Phoniks returns with his first full-length solo project. An 18-track instrumental hip-hop beat tape titled “Down To Earth”. Nearly 2 years in the works, Phoniks dug through over 250 hours worth of recorded material when piecing together his solo debut. The album is comprised of 2 to 3 minute jazz-tinged lo-fi head nodders connected with thought-provoking spoken word samples from 50’s sci-fi space movies. Crunchy 12-bit drums, spaced-out filters, and delays and a sprinkling of horn loops and soul vocals captivate over the albums 40-min run time. The goal is to take the listener off to another place, floating through the cosmos on a one-man spacecraft with nothing but a pair of headphones and all the time in the world.

Beat Tape

Phoniks – Shaolin Summer: The Remixes [Remixes] [2015]

Phoniks – Shaolin Summer: The Remixes [Remixes]
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01. Wu-Tang Clan – Uzi (Pinky Ring) (Phoniks Remix)
02. Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit (Phoniks Remix)
03. Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah – Cuttin’ It Up (Phoniks Remix)
04. Wu-Tang Clan – Mystery Of Chessboxing (Phoniks Remix)
05. Inspectah Deck – REC Room (Phoniks Remix)
06. Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. (Phoniks Remix)
07. Method Man – Say (Phoniks Remix)
08. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon – Daytona 500 (Phoniks Remix)
09. ODB – Got Your Money (Phoniks Remix)
10. Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah – Criminology (Phoniks Remix)
11. Wu-Tang Clan – Back In The Game (Phoniks Remix)
12. Wu-Tang Clan ft. Biggie Smalls – 3 Bricks (Phoniks Remix)

Phoniks – Shaolin Summer: The Remixes


Awon & Phoniks – Return to the Golden Era: Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2014]

Awon & Phoniks – Return to the Golden Era: Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. Midas Touch (Instrumental)
02. Champagne Laced (Instrumental)
03. Forever Ill (Instrumental)
04. Street Saga (Instrumental)
05. Blinded by the Riches (Instrumental)
06. Blood In Blood Out (Instrumental)
07. Rule of the Gun (Instrumental)
08. Get Yours (Instrumental)
09. Move Back (Instrumental)
10. Correct Techniques (Instrumental)
11. Above Water (Instrumental)

Awon & Phoniks – Return to the Golden Era: Instrumentals


Phoniks – Summer Nights [Remixes] [2014]

Phoniks – Summer Nights [Remixes]
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01. Jay-Z – “Change Clothes” (Phoniks Remix)
02. Nas – “Thief’s Theme” (Phoniks Remix)
03. Jay-Z & Notorious BIG – “Brooklyn’s Finest pt. 2” (Phoniks Remix)
04. AZ – “The Come Up” (Phoniks Remix)
05. Nas – “One Love” (Phoniks Remix)
06. Tupac, Notorious BIG & Big L -“Deadly Combination” (Phoniks Remix)
07. Mase, Puffy & Notorious BIG – “Mo Money Mo Problems” (Phoniks Remix)
08. Black Moon – “How Many Emcees” (Phoniks Remix)

Phoniks – Summer Nights

Beat Tape

Phoniks – The Instrumentals: Volume 1 [Beat Tape] [2014]

Phoniks – The Instrumentals: Volume 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Rap For Hours
02. Cream
03. The Life I Live
04. Got To My Head
05. Sleep
06. Star Eyes
07. Game Of Chess
08. Lonely Rhodes
09. Sunlight and Shadows
10. Travelling
11. Day at the Park
12. No Stress
13. Autumn to Winter

Phoniks – The Instrumentals: Volume 1