Pawcut – Bob’s Law [Single] [2021]

Pawcut – Bob’s Law [Single]
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01. Pawcut – Bob’s Law

Pawcut – Bob’s Law


pawcut – Pawcuts Vol​.​1 [Instrumentals] [2021]

pawcut – Pawcuts Vol​.​1 [Instrumentals]
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01. Cuts Deep
02. Trouble Code
03. Lilfoots
04. Elephant
05. Bullfrog
06. Antarctica
07. Up In My mind
08. Dove
09. Cicades
10. One So True
11. Yak
12. Spintop
13. Encore For Mari
14. Empty Rooms
15. Dragonfly (Digibonus)

pawcut – Pawcuts Vol​.​1

Also Available On: Limited 10″ vinyl in clear turquoise


Pseudo Slang x Pawcut – Wanderverse / Sehr Scharf Curry [Single] [2019]

Pseudo Slang x Pawcut – Wanderverse / Sehr Scharf Curry [Single]
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01. Wanderverse
02. Sehr Scharf Curry
03. Wanderverse (Instrumental) Digibonus
04. Sehr Scharf Curry (Instrumental) Digibonus

Pseudo Slang x Pawcut – Wanderverse / Sehr Scharf Curry

Also Available On: Wanderverse / Sehr Scharf Curry classic 45 – limited edition

Beat Tape

Pawcut – Moonshine Madness [Beat Tape] [2019]

Pawcut – Moonshine Madness [Beat Tape]
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01. White Lightning
02. Skull Cracker
03. Hillybilly Pop
04. Moonshine
05. Block & Tackle
06. Stumphole
07. Hooch
08. Rise’ N Shine
09. Kickapoo

Pawcut – Moonshine Madness

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette C30

Deep in the woods , where you need a canoe to get through the swamp past mammoth trees , the south is not that comfy anymore . At the place where they make the moonshine at night to the sound of the banjo and a bottleneck guitar … Three 6 Mafia and Tom Waits have a sample while Ry Cooder is doing his slides . Outside in the distance you can hear the crickets and a groovebox knocking .
Moonshine Madness is Pawcut’s latest beattape themed around the art of bootlegging .

Album Beat Tape

Pawcut – God’s Plan [Beat Tape] [2018]

Pawcut – God’s Plan [Beat Tape]
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01. Introduction
02. God’s Plan
03. Your Handsome
04. Spin Me Round (feat. Ella Mae)
05. Without You
06. Demolish
07. Smiling Shadows
08. Boombayeah
09. Shoppingbags
10. Walking In The Rain (feat. Zen-Zin)
11. Circuit
12. Base
13. Brand
14. Flic Scripts (feat. Pseudo Slang & Ramsey Judson)
15. In My Sleep
16. Welcome 2 The Club
17. Maybe Next Lifetime (feat. N-Omega & Ella Mae)
18. Sidewinder
19. Quicksilver
20. Good As Gold (feat. Zen-Zin)
21. One (For Mari)
22. Sipping Yak (feat. Dre Skuffs & Maxx Gilliam) Digibonus
23. Spin Me Round (Instrumental) Digibonus
24. Flic Scripts (Instrumental) Digibonus
25. Walking In The Rain (Instrumental) Digibonus
26. Maybe Next Lifetime (Instrumental) Digibonus

Pawcut – God’s Plan

Also Available On: [VINYL] God’s Plan LP (Limited Edition Screen-printed Covers and “White colored Vinyl”)

God’s Plan is the new solo album by Pawcut. Be prepared for the heat cause this album is full of killers. Pawcut blessed us once again with classy jazzy vibes. He invited a few friends as guests on the album with the graceful presence of Ella Mae and headnodding lyrics and raps by Zen-Zin, Pseudo Slang, Ramsey Judson, N-Omega Dre Skuffs & Max Gilliam.
Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

Beat Tape

Pawcut – Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama) [Beat Tape] [2018]

Pawcut – Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama) [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Hey Ya!
03. Uncle Scrooge Strut
04. Woo-Hah!!
05. Cladsheet
06. Diary
07. Welcome To The Club
08. At The Movies (EDUversion)
09. Zombie Tango
10. Wheels
11. Drugs (EDUversion)
12. All Of My Heart
13. Golden Wheelchair Outerlude
14. Delerious
15. Corkscrew
16. Wanna Test (EDUversion)
17. Fireworks
18. What I Dududuh
19. Homestepper
20. Mercy Mercy Me
21. Afterword
22. At The Movies (Tricky Rmx)
23. Drugs (KoolKeith Rmx)
24. Wanna Test (JediMindTricks Rmx)

Pawcut – Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama)

Also Available On: [Cassette Tape] Angel Dust

With Angel Dust Pawcut confirms himself as one of today’s most pertinent hip hop producers. The album is crazy rich and deep, it’s an hour long trip that will most certainly take you away.

It comes on limited cassette tape for the collectors and tape-heads.

Note that on Bandcamp, this is is the unaltered original version of the beat tape.With bonus tracks 22, 23, 24.
The version appearing on streaming sites will be slightly different for legal purposes. So make sure to grab it on here for the original experience.

Angel Dust is a heady lil’ neo trip hop jazzy drum n bass thing,
one thing is for sure, it’s unique.
– Pawcut, 2018


Pawcut & Exodus – All Drinks On Mi [E.P.] [2016]

Pawcut & Exodus – All Drinks On Mi [E.P.]
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01. Drinks On Mi (feat. Chantty Natural)
02. Vulture’s Picnic (feat. Billy Woods)
03. Rebels Gun (feat. Nomadic)
04. Gutter Tales Rmx (feat. Katharsis)
05. Do For You
06. All She Wanted Was A Drink

Pawcut & Exodus – All Drinks On Mi

Exodus is an MC from Botswana currently based in Germany and Pawcut is one of Germany’s most prolific Hip Hop producers. Together they bring you this incredible project on Urban Waves Records. First as an introduction with this EP “All Drinks On Mi” and later next month with a full length album “Persona Non Grata” that will appear on an limited vinyl edition with home made screen printed covers that will surprise the collector in you! Artwork once again created by the very talented Hr. Pixel!
Combine Pawcut’s trademark style with Exodus’ one of a kind flow and you’ll obtain a mixture that is raw and smooth at the same time. Prepare to dive into a cosmos of sound and wordplay rarely heard before.

Beat Tape

Pawcut – Nightmare City [Beat Tape] [2016]

Pawcut – Nightmare City [Beat Tape]
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01. The Last Waltz
02. Provider
03. Thin (feat. N-Omega & Dre Skuffs)
04. Parade
05. I Am Dangerous
06. Slow Roll
07. Breakadawn
08. When Dusk Settles (feat. Pseudo Slang)
09. Maverick Interlude
10. Velvet Hammer
11. Nightmare City
12. Bleed
13. Waiting For The Barbarians (feat. Billy Woods)
14. Limp Inn
15. Sharks
16. Clean Sweep (feat. Zen-Zin & Dj Access)
17. One Time
18. Jinx
19. Warm Gun (Bonus)
20. Mari Firefly
21. Thin (Instrumental)
22. When Dusk Settles (Instrumental)
23. Waiting For The Barbarians (Instrumental)
24. Clean Sweep (Instrumental)

Pawcut – Nightmare City

Also Available On: [Cassette Tape] Nightmare City or [Vinyl] Nightmare City LP

Instrumentals Remixes

Pawcut – Brass Knuckles [Remixes/Instrumentals] [2016]

Pawcut – Brass Knuckles [Remixes/Instrumentals]
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01. The Clipse – Virginia Rmx
02. Sean P – Rumblestick Rmx (Cuts by Dj Access)
03. Freddie Gibbs x Scarface – Broken Rmx
04. Redman – Can’t Wait Rmx
05. Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues Rmx (Cuts by Dj Access)
06. Biggie x Ghostface x Reakwon – 3 Bricks Rmx
07. Scarface – Never Rmx
08. Necro x Ill Bill – Death Rap Rmx
09. Pow Pow (Interlude)
10. Artifacts – C’mon With The Git Down (Mono:Massive Rmx)
11. Love Dem G’s (Interlude)
12. Eazy E x Mc Ren – The Muthafucking Real Rmx
13. Snoop x Bizzy Bone – Ya Style (Pawmix)
14. Pimp C – Hogg In The Game Rmx
15. Ice-T x King Tee – Check Your Game Rmx
16. Dead Presidents x Let Me Ride (Interlude)
17. Sean P. x Havoc – Anderson Silva rmx
18. Freddie Gibbs – Harolds Rmx
19. Matters Outerlude
20. Virginia Rmx (Instrumental)
21. Rumblestick Rmx (Instrumental)
22. Broken Rmx (Instrumental)
23. Can’t Wait Rmx (Instrumental)
24. Ill Street Blues Rmx (Instrumental)
25. 3 Bricks Rmx (Instrumental)
26. Never Rmx (Instrumental)
27. Death Rap Rmx (Instrumental)
28. Pow Pow Interlude (Instrumental)
29. C’mon With The Git Down Rmx (Instrumental)
30. Love Dem G’s Interlude (Instrumental)
31. The Muthafucking Real Rmx (Instrumental)
32. Ya Style Interlude (Instrumental)
33. Hogg In The Game Rmx (Instrumental)
34. Check Your Game Rmx (Instrumental)
35. Dead Presidents x Let Me Ride Interlude (Instrumental)
36. Anderson Silva Rmx (Instrumental)
37. Harolds Rmx (Instrumental)
38. Matters Outerlude (Instrumental)
39. (Bonus) Sample Snitch Mix

Pawcut – Brass Knuckles

Also Available On: [Tape] Brass Knuckle Beats or [Tape] Brass Knuckle Remixes

With “Brass Knuckles” Pawcut remixes his favorite MC’s through hip-hop history for our enjoyment on two versions (vocal & instrumental) For the very first time we decided to release this project as a double tape. One tape features instrumentals and the other remixes with vocals. This is a limited “rare” edition since we won’t make more later on. As we don’t claim rights on the remixes, The album should be considered a free download. We enabled “name your price” to allow you to add it to your collection on the Bandcamp community and also show some support for the instrumentals if you wish to do so.

Beat Tape

Pawcut – Maverick [Beat Tape] [2015]

Pawcut – Maverick [Beat Tape]
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01. Maverick
02. Touchdown
03. Onmywaysumwhere feat. N-Omega & Zen-Zin
04. Headache
05. Texture Like Sun
06. Penetrate feat. Pseudo Slang & Jon Blazini
07. Public Eye
08. Jones
09. Epiphany
10. Bumblebee
11. Sunshower
12. Power
13. Vulture’s Picnic feat. Exodus & Billly Woods
14. Capture Bonding
15. Smoke Break
16. Twilight Green
17. Slumplord Strut
18. Alone And I
19. Heaven
20. The Wind Whispers Mari
21. Onmywaysumwhere (Instrumental)
22. Penetrate (Instrumental)
23. Vulture’s Picnic (Instrumental)

Pawcut – Maverick


Pawcut – Smoke Break EP [E.P.] [2015]

Pawcut – Smoke Break EP [E.P.]
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01. Smoke Break
02. Cherry Blossoms
03. Questions (Cuts DJ Access)
04. Edo G – RevolutionRMX (Cuts Kallsen)
05. Abstract Truth (Cuts Kallsen)
06. Dictator Limp
07. Sisyphus
08. Welcome
09. Lullabye
10. Massive Attack – Sly Get MoneyRMX
11. Ordeal
12. Reasons

Pawcut – Smoke Break EP

Beat Tape Compilation

The Jazz Jousters – Unlimited – The Jazz Jousters meets The Singers [Beat Tape] [2014]

The Jazz Jousters – Unlimited – The Jazz Jousters meets The Singers [Beat Tape]
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01. RickMal – Only Just Begun
02. Stay Classy – SU2
03. Dr Dundiff – 109 AM
04. Gadget – Peace of Mind
05. B3NBi – Buried Along With Her Name
06. Pawcut – Wings
07. SmokedBeat – Rose and Clouds
08. RickMal – DoDoDo
09. Stay Classy – Drifting By

The Jazz Jousters – Unlimited – The Jazz Jousters meets The Singers