Oxygen – Age Appropriate LP [Album] [2019]

Oxygen – Age Appropriate LP [Album]
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01. Victory At Last
02. Actual Fact (feat. Apani)
03. Guillotine 16’s (feat. Emskee, Dr. Becket & Jesus Mason)
04. 7 Year Itch
05. Do Your Homework
06. Angles (feat. Jesus Mason & Jack Jones)
07. Daily Grind
08. Circles
09. For U (feat. UGeorge)
10. The Process (feat. Dr. Becket & Emskee)
11. 33.3
12. Code Red
13. Seven Windows (feat. BusCrates)

Oxygen – Age Appropriate LP


Oxygen – Best of Oxygen vol. 1 by Cut Beetlez [Mix] [2019]

Oxygen – Best of Oxygen vol. 1 by Cut Beetlez [Mix]
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01. Best of Oxygen vol. 1 by Cut Beetlez

Oxygen – Best of Oxygen vol. 1 by Cut Beetlez

“Best of Oxygen vol. 1 ” is our first real co-op mixtape we present to the public as a DJ-turntablist – duo, Cut Beetlez. This mixtape was commissioned by the artist himself – Oxygen, The Ox That Rocks, Ox The Architect – one of our first real supporters whom we respect to the highest level.

The mixtape features Oxygen’s work from his earliest records to his latest works. It also includes TWO EXCLUSIVE REMIXES by us, Cut Beetlez.

Big shout out out to all producers and artists included in this tape and a BIG thank you to all people who reached back to as and showed some love on the tape.

This is our first bigger contribution to hip-hop, the culture we support and love. And as the name of the tape suggest, this journey will continue.

First released in super limited quantities in c-cassette format to be traded hand to hand by Oxygen himself at Beat Swap Meet L.A on March 17th 2019.

Original artwork by Oxygen and alternative internet version shown here by H.P Lovescratch.

Enjoy all listeners and party people!


– Cut Beetlez