Compilation Mixtape

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab – Kicks in the Crates Vol​.​1 – 1990​/​1991 – SUPA & PHAT Side [Mixtape] [2016]

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab – Kicks in the Crates Vol.1 – 1990/1991 – SUPA & PHAT Side [Mixtape]
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01. 1(Supa Side)- Intro Originals ads
02. 2(Supa Side)- Kool G Rap “Erase racism”
03. 3(Supa Side)- The Ruthless Rap Assassins “Justice – Just us”
04. 4(Supa Side)- Compton’s Most Wanted “Growin’ Up In The Hood”
05. 5(Supa Side)- Del Tha Funkee Homosapien “Pissin’ on your steps”
06. 6(Supa Side)- Frescho & Miz “Ain’t U Frescho”
07. 7(Supa Side)- Edo G & Da Bulldogs “I got to have it”
08. 8(Supa Side)- A Tribe Called Quest “Check the Rhime”
09. 9(Supa Side)- Poor Righteous Teachers “Easy Star”
10. 10(Supa Side)- Lord Finesse “Fat for the 90’s”
11. 11(Supa Side)- D-Nyce “Time to Flow”
12. 12(Supa Side)- L.A Star “N.P.T. Posse”
13. 13(Supa Side)- A Tribe Called Quest “Can I Kick it -LP Version & Spirit mix”
14. 14(Supa Side)- Black Sheep “Have U.N.E Pull”
15. 15(Supa Side)- Intelligent Hoodlum “Game Type”
16. 16(Supa Side)- LL Cool J “Eat’ em up, L Chill”
17. 17(Supa Side)- Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Baby, you Nasty”
18. 18(Supa Side)- Heavy D & The Boyz “Do me, Do me”
19. 19(Supa Side)- MC Lyte “Poor Georgie”
20. 20(Supa Side)- Big Daddy Kane “Mister Pitiful”
21. 21(Supa Side)- EPMD feat Redman “Brothers on my Jock”
22. 22(Supa Side)- Nice & Smooth “Hip Hop Junkies”
23. 23(Supa Side)- Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf “Move”
24. 24(Supa Side)- MC Trouble “Points Proven”
25. 25(Supa Side)- Professor Griff “Rap Terrorist”
26. 26(Supa Side)- UBC “UB Style”
27. 27(Supa Side)- Black Sheep “The choice is yours”
28. 28(Supa Side)- Boogie Down Productions “Blackman in effect”
29. 29(Supa Side)- Sister Souljah “The hate that hate produced”
30. 30(Supa Side)- Outro Original ad Jordan & Spike Lee
31. 1(Phat Side)- Intro Originals ads
32. 2(Phat Side)- Queen Latifah “Nuff’ of the Ruff’ Stuff'”
33. 3(Phat Side)- Tim Dog “Fuck Compton”
34. 4(Phat Side)- Geto Boys “Trigga Happy Nigga”
35. 5(Phat Side)- Run DMC “Word is Born”
36. 6(Phat Side)- DJ Mark The 45 King “The 900 Number”
37. 7(Phat Side)- Gang Starr “Take a rest”
38. 8(Phat Side)- De La Soul “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)”
39. 9(Phat Side)- Brand Nubian “Drop the Bomb”
40. 10(Phat Side)- Nikki D “The Beauty Shop”
41. 11(Phat Side)- Tim Dog “Low Down Nigga”
42. 12(Phat Side)- Intelligent Hoodlum “No Justice, No Peace”
43. 13(Phat Side)- The UMC’S “One to grow on”
44. 14(Phat Side)- KMD “Nitty Gritty”
45. 15(Phat Side)- Ultamagnetic Mc’s “Poppa Large”
46. 16(Phat Side)- 3rd Bass “Portrait of the Artist as a hood”
47. 17(Phat Side)- Pete Rock & CL Smooth “The Creator”
48. 18(Phat Side)- Leaders Of A New School “The International Zone Coaster”
49. 19(Phat Side)- Marley Marl & MC Cash “At The Drop Of A Dime”
50. 20(Phat Side)- A Tribe Called Quest “Luck Of Lucien”
51. 21(Phat Side)- Audio Two “Start It Up Y’all”
52. 22(Phat Side)- Freestyle Fellowship “Legal Alien”
53. 23(Phat Side)- Main Source “Live At The Barbeque”
54. 24(Phat Side)- The Jaz “Ease Up Jaz”
55. 25(Phat Side)- Naughty By Nature Uptown “Anthem & O.P.P” (Odweeyne edit)
56. 26(Phat Side)- NWA “100 Miles and Runnin'”
57. 27(Phat Side)- Public Enemy “Fight The Power”
58. 28(Phat Side)- Organized Konfusion “Organized Konfusion”
59. 29(Phat Side)- Ice Cube “Turn Off The Radio”
60. 30(Phat Side)- Eric B & Rakim “Run For Cover”
61. 31(Phat Side)- Cypress Hill “Real Estate”
62. 32(Phat Side)- Godfather Don “Keep Sweatin'”
63. 33(Phat Side)- Heavy D & The Boyz “Don’t Curse”
64. 34(Phat Side)- Outro L.A Gear & M.Jackson

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab – Kicks in the Crates Vol.1 – 1990/1991 – SUPA & PHAT Side

Also Available On: Kicks in The Crates Vol.1 – 1990/1991 SUPA side & PHAT side (Special Pack) (CD)

E.P. Instrumentals

Odweeyne of SO CRACKED LAB – Smiling Instrumentals (of Smile EP) [E.P.] [2016]

Odweeyne of SO CRACKED LAB – Smiling Instrumentals (of Smile EP) [E.P.]
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01. Building Pyramids instru
02. Golden Feet instru
03. Let me Breathe instru
04. Royal Flush instru
05. Smiling at the Rain instru
06. Sticky Bomb instru
07. They ain’t Saying Shit instru

Odweeyne of SO CRACKED LAB – Smiling Instrumentals (of Smile EP)

This EP is the instrumental version of the Smile EP. This exclusive version is released in partnership with, and has been made for an exclusive emcee contest :

Download the instrumental of your choise, record your best verse over it, and send back the final version of your track (that mixed and mastered) to

The winner will chosen by Odweeyne’s staff and TheWordIsBond team and be announced on March 31st.

The winner will win an exclusive interview on, an exclusive post of his track, and a featured track on the upcoming “Black List” project by Odweeyne, that already featured legendary names like AG, Sadat X, Rah Digga, Nolan The Ninja, Timeless Truth and more !