Instrumental Album

NorthernDraw – One For One [Instrumental Album] [2019]

NorthernDraw – One For One [Instrumental Album]
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01. Tollah (Intro)
02. Appl3jax (Feat. Omari Jazz)
03. Blanc! (Feat. Studenets & Jenny Jahlee)
04. Unknown (Feat. Magic DJ)
05. Fade (Feat. Matryoshka & Lana Shea)
06. Roy Boos (Feat. Montgomery Word)
07. FxNxO (Feat. Free Will & Omari Jazz)
08. Jassss (Feat. Maskera)
09. Beeeetz (Feat. Bry.Zen)
10. Intrld
11. The Movement (Feat. Jay3m)
12. Nice~Nate – Los_Angeles (N.Draw Remix)
13. Jassss (Nice~Nate Remix)

NorthernDraw – One For One

Also Available On: One For One Cassette

One For One is a split tape project between NorthernDraw and Nice~Nate, featuring a talented list of west-coast/world-wide artists and musicians. This download includes extra bonus remixes and the cassette only track “FxNxO.”
Check out both projects smashed together on Thirsty City’s page:
Or Nice~Nate’s side on his bandcamp:
Thanks for checking out the sounds.

Beat Tape

NorthernDraw – The Funky Microwave [Beat Tape] [2016]

NorthernDraw – The Funky Microwave [Beat Tape]
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01. Oh Baby (intro)
02. Cosmopolitan Coyote
03. Pop References w/ Slick Devious
04. La Luna Llena
05. Quagmire w/ Fountaine
06. Vic Deez
07. Burnin’
08. Ah Girl
09. Festy Kidz
10. Crucial Conversations
11. Soft Lunch w/ Slurgeon
12. Bad Boy
13. Cheel Reel w/ Neo G Yo
14. Girl Troubles
15. Blackbelt w/ Maze Koroma
16. Aura Flipper
17. Un-Brexit
18. Got To Have w/ Studenets
19. Pacwoman w/ The Zap Tap
20. Too Much Drugs
21. Sensitive Peepz w/ Deaed Language
22. Vibe With You w/ Hobbess
23. Weed Food w/ Matryoshka
24. Poppin’ City
25. Skizm w/ Hash Adams
26. Madlib Soundin’ Shit (outro)
27. HOMIEz (Bonustrack) w/ Lisa Vazquez, WIZDUMB, Hash Adams, Yunsumz, Neo G YO, Joe Mousepad & Durazzo

NorthernDraw – The Funky Microwave

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape

NorthernDraw/Diogenes – WEED ISLAND [Beat Tape] [2014]

NorthernDraw/Diogenes – WEED ISLAND [Beat Tape]
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NorthernDraw/Diogenes – WEED ISLAND

A split tape with Diogenes, Representing the NW: SEA/PDX check out his side of WEED ISLAND on his bandcamp…….

Beat Tape

NorthernDraw – 222​:​555 [Beat Tape] [2014]

NorthernDraw – 222​:​555 [Beat Tape]
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01. tonight
02. OJ Muffin Fingaz
03. Dr-Game
04. FUD (FT.LeoLex)
05. Markie-T Jam
06. Mac’N Chi’s
07. ABM Jam
08. LampFood
09. SunShower
10. Sleep
11. Sequin Koochies
12. ABM Jam two
13. The Boyz
14. For-Ross
15. Sisters (FT. Markie-T)
16. ChemTrails (chopped)
17. Cereal Marshmallows (FT. STLB3)
18. Slow
19. Casio City
20. Bintro (FT. Roberta Frost)
21. Novi Song
22. Pageant-Krack
23. Amigos
24. Hammertime (FT. Hobbess)
25. Bone Rock Jam
26. Cheeze Wiz
27. Fatigued (FT. Lucas Dix)
28. Anechoic Jam
29. Cotton Fries (FT. Tom2k)
30. Olivia
31. Sugar Leaf (FT. Deaed Language)
32. Blapmode
33. LampFood (Montgomery Word Remix)
34. ChemTrails (Bone Rock Remix)
35. Casio City (Benito Remix)
36. Outroz

NorthernDraw – 222​:​555

Also Available On: 222:555 Cassette (limited Cassette comes w/ custom buttons)