Beat Tape

Nikobeats – 65th St Murals [Beat Tape] [2018]

Nikobeats – 65th St Murals [Beat Tape]
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01. Raise It Up
02. Feel Dis Real
03. 85mph
04. Pay Da Bills
05. Go (feat. Reuben Vincent)
06. Roots
07. Fly
08. Get Mines
09. Finally Free
10. Hey

Nikobeats – 65th St Murals

“How the kid make it off of 65th Street? Five beats a day for five hundred twenty-one weeks.” 

Following the February release of his last project “Black Wax” (with Huey Briss) that Bandcamp deemed “one of the year’s best projects from anyone in L.A County” is Nikobeats’ solo debut — 65th St Murals. Being entirely self produced, written, and co-mixed, NIko was able to truly create soundscapes that meshed his ever-ranging introspective lyricism with soulful vocal arrangements. 

Whether the Inland Empire native is expressing his strives to push the envelope and ‘Raise It Up” or is reminiscing coming back home from tour broke and having to “Pay Da Bills”, throughout all 10 tracks Niko is unapologetically himself and details moments of his life through an honest and uncompromising lens. 

Beat Tape

Nikobeats – Soundscapes [Beat Tape] [2015]

Nikobeats – Soundscapes [Beat Tape]
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01. what was the kid name? (intro)
02. either one of us
03. crystawhl
04. build or destroy
05. getup.onit
06. beauty in distortion
07. fly away
08. see the world
09. 64
10. soul food
11. blind over you
12. fifteen seconds of fame
13. soliloquies
14. em ees
15. sing’s theme
16. I do it
17. 21 candles
18. ain’t no time
19. so fine
20. the foundation
21. nothing’s gonna stop me
22. angel girl
23. run faster
24. around u
25. otron in
26. under the moon and over the sky
27. cuttin corners
28. boot camp
29. figure it out
30. fueron
31. the moment (one for dilla)
32. dreaming.of.dreaming
33. so into u
34. low tides
35. times to come
36. somebody tell me
37. for mom
38. olympia
39. u khant
41. evening colours
42. anyhow
43. through and through
44. sunshine
45. feels so now
46. all i do is think of u
47. come and talk
48. no windows
49. summertime
50. see you once again (outro)

Nikobeats – Soundscapes


Nikobeats – XRY [E.P.] [2015]

Nikobeats – XRY [E.P.] 
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01. X
02. R
03. Y

Nikobeats – XRY