Instrumental Album

NAMELESS – CHIPS [Instrumental Album] [2020]

NAMELESS – CHIPS [Instrumental Album]
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01. BBQ Doritos
02. Hey / Ho
03. FWD
04. JontiLOOPS
05. geeeeez
06. Do It For U
07. Aisle 5
08. Harvest Cheddar SunChips [feat. Lyric Jones]
09. MoonchildLOOPS
10. Goons & Spoons
11. Jon Bappin..
12. Can’t Eat Just One
13. Take Cover
14. Pastel
15. 4 For $1 [feat. Nametag Alexander, lojii, Vic Spencer & Brain Orchestra]
16. Pringle’s [feat. Donnie McMillan Jr.]
17. BeautyLOOPS
18. Tink



NAMELESS – Aisle 5 [Single] [2020]

NAMELESS – Aisle 5 [Single]
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01. NAMELESS – Aisle 5

NAMELESS – Aisle 5


NAMELESS – Hottie With A Shottie [Maxi Single] [2020]

NAMELESS – Hottie With A Shottie [Maxi Single]
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01. Hottie With A Shottie
02. Hottie With A Shottie [instrumental]

NAMELESS – Hottie With A Shottie


NAMELESS – 3 Pack [E.P.] [2020]

NAMELESS – 3 Pack [E.P.]
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01. We Got Rules [instrumental]
02. 72 Hours [instrumental]
03. LoseYoJob [instrumental]


Beat Tape

NAMELESS – Sup​.​. [Beat Tape] [2020]

NAMELESS – Sup​.​. [Beat Tape]
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01. MoneyTALKS
02. Jack-N-The-Box
03. Slide
04. Don’t Fall
05. 72 Hours
06. LoseYoJob
07. We Got Rules
08. Weight
09. DrankinBEER

NAMELESS – Sup​.​.

Beat Tape

NAMELESS – Indica / Sativa [Beat Tape] [2018]

NAMELESS – Indica / Sativa [Beat Tape]
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01. Man, What?!
02. PoopdeSCOOP
03. Munchies / TearzAway
04. Dweeb Slapper
05. BeginningOF
06. SaTEEVah
07. I Need / Forget It
08. YaMON
09. FULLsynergy 1.5 / Some Kind Of Attack
10. Sustain
11. You Deserve Rounds / Catchy Hook
12. EEENdica
13. 000000

NAMELESS – Indica / Sativa


NAMELESS – The​.​Unappreciated EP [E.P.] [2018]

NAMELESS – The​.​Unappreciated EP [E.P.]
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02. Jelly
03. Lose 2 Find
04. Joe Loops
05. ForeignBLAPS
06. Game+Ova
07. BeautyLOOPS

NAMELESS – The​.​Unappreciated EP


NAMELESS – Chrimmus Beats [E.P.] [2017]

NAMELESS – Chrimmus Beats [E.P.]
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01. Simply..
02. Seasons Almost Over
03. Whats That

NAMELESS – Chrimmus Beats


NAMELESS – Semi EP [E.P.] [2017]

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01. Hmm
02. Come Get Me
03. Hey / Ho
04. Looking Around
05. Whoa
06. Medicine
08. JOOKeth
09. Ya Dun Know [Mans Not Hot RMX]


This EP is actually a B Side to the recently released “BE[ats]ORIGINAL Vol. 4” project. It became such a success with grabbing a bunch of ears that I’ve decided to release some tracks that didn’t make it, also tracks that I meant to add onto BOV.4 but forgot about it. Hope you enjoy!!

Beat Tape

NAMELESS – BE​[​ats​]​ORIGINAL Vol. 4 [Beat Tape] [2017]

NAMELESS – BE​[​ats​]​ORIGINAL Vol. 4 [Beat Tape]
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01. 1-800-Beats
02. 89bpm / Sunbeamz
03. BBQ
04. Jonti Loops
05. Lawd-A-Merzzy
06. On Ice
07. Restart [feat. Nametag Alexander]
08. Killa.Killa.Heel
09. Follow Me
10. Awwww Yea!!
11. Deeeep / Deeper Than That
12. Too Step [feat. Pink Siifu]
13. Get It 2Getha / Eye-Yie
14. Know.Bodiez
15. Flowers.Nowhere / Ever Always
16. Untitled Stylez
17. Filters / Here & There
18. Sun.Rise
19. Window Shopping
20. April 29th [Layla]


For the past years, I’ve been going through numerous stages in my life: gained & lost friends, divorce, depression, distance from the kids, a current job that consumes my time, energy and health, my struggles to keep faith and the list goes on. All of those things I’ve gone through, and my beat machine was always there for me to let my anger out…….there were always genuine folks that supported me wanting me to keep pushing with the beats. And for that, I’ve finally kept my inspiration and completed this project. This project is probably the most personal and meaningful project for me because I’ve been through so much but the passion for music didn’t die. I hope you’ll enjoy this art of mine…….THANK YOU!!

—————————BE[ats]ORIGINAL Vol. 4—————————

I dedicate this project to my son & daughter. I love you both and I’m proud of you guys.

Beat Tape

NAMELESS – Eggs & Pancakes [Beat Tape] [2017]

NAMELESS – Eggs & Pancakes [Beat Tape]
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01. Massive
02. Need Some Help
03. Whatcha Want [feat. Nametag]
04. No Use
05. The Inity
06. Miles
07. How You Doin That?
08. Keep It Funky
09. 19:74
10. BLAOW! [feat. Nametag]
11. DontFukWitMe
12. Genocide
13. TRILLionaires
14. March 24th
15. Nautilus Interview
16. 2012 Snippets

NAMELESS – Eggs & Pancakes

Beat Tape

NAMELESS – The Gift: Volume One [Beat Tape] [2015]

NAMELESS – The Gift: Volume One [Beat Tape]
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01. BE[ats]ORIGINAL (Intro)
02. They’re Finally Noticing
03. Nabisco
04. Yo Gabba Stabba
05. Change Up
06. Rainbow Read
07. Don’t Hurt
08. Tenderedq
09. Kraidience
10. Experiment 2
11. Dilla Nights
12. Ma (It’s Good)

NAMELESS – The Gift: Volume One

19 years ago, I walked into Street Corner Music for the first time. Hard 2 Earn had come out that day, and I figured I would finally check out the shop down the street. Not thinking they would carry the vinyl, I asked for the cd and was let down when the guy behind the counter said they had just sold the last one. “We’ve got a couple LPs left though.” I fell out. At this point in time I had never looked forward to an album as much as this one.
I asked to speak to the manager so I could see if they needed any help, and the response was “We don’t have a budget for another employee at this time, but would you be willing to work for trade?” HELL YES I WOULD.
Street Corner became the first hub of many where I peddled the music that I loved. From hiphop to soul to rock to jazz. To this day it remains my favorite record store. I’m grateful to Chris Flanagan, Mike Rome, and Lynn Koretz for bringing me aboard the ship and having the faith in me to let me do what I did while I was there.
Fast forward to May 31st, 2013. What do I call the label? What makes sense? STREET CORNER MUSIC. It was the spot where everyone knew they could come and grab the heat. It only makes sense to adopt the name. Now get ready for the heat.
The Gift is a series I enacted on my website,, to spotlight not necessarily unknown talent, but cats just under the radar.
I decided to start it off with NAMELESS, a crazy producer from Flint now living in Florida. His sound echoes that of Detroit HipHop’s past, and points toward the future. Enjoy the slaps, and get ready for more. Much more.

Beat Tape E.P.

NAMELESS – [Insert EP Name Here] [E.P.] [2016]

NAMELESS – [Insert EP Name Here] [E.P.]
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01. C.R.E.A.M [Find Your Wings RMX]
02. Good Vibrations [co-prod. by 14KT]
03. The Inity
04. Run It Back [feat. Nametag]
05. EFFX
06. Joy Road
07. Why [feat. MAHD]
08. Start One

NAMELESS – [Insert EP Name Here]

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Nameless – Echoes In The Night [Beat Tape] [2015]

Nameless – Echoes In The Night [Beat Tape]
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01. Blood, Flesh, & Tears
02. Christmas Eve featuring Mental Devil Slayer
03. Curtain Call
04. Echoes In The Night
05. Faded Memories
06. Tired Footsteps
07. Drowning featuring 7th Galaxy
08. Foreclosure
09. Wage $lave Remix
10. Days of Nothing
11. In The Shadows
12. Within A Dream
13. What Will Be When We’re Gone
14. Petals In The Wind
15. Leave Me Be

Nameless – Echoes In The Night


NAMELESS – REE​.​MIX 1 [Remixes] [2015]

NAMELESS – REE​.​MIX 1 [Remixes]
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01. Still Got You In Check
02. Illest Vibe
03. Hey Heeeeey
04. Git-Cha-Sum
05. If You REE-LY
06. Danger


Felt like creating a remix project, I’ve never made one before. Decided to do a test run with the homie Busta Rhymes. Hope ya like it!!!