Beat Tape E.P.

Billa Qause & Mononome – Follow Me Down [E.P.] [2021]

Billa Qause & Mononome – Follow Me Down [E.P.]
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01. Follow Me Down
02. Danced In The Silence
03. Let My People Go
04. Close To The Ears

Billa Qause & Mononome – Follow Me Down


Mononome – Loralai [E.P.] [2018]

Mononome – Loralai [E.P.]
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01. Loralai
02. Besima

Mononome – Loralai

Also Available On: Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

Mononome, one of the best yet in this beatmaking game, is back with a limited 7inch record pressing.
On side A you’ll find this banger track, Loralai, one will be on familiar ground with the uptempo beat and oriental samples.
Side B is Besima, taking us on the psychedelic side of music, still with these drums that are so characteristic of Mononome.
We’ve been following Mononome’s exceptional work for a few years now, and we are very proud to release this beauty.


mononome – Sherán [E.P.] [2018]

mononome – Sherán [E.P.]
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01. Vicious Circle
02. Sherán
03. Stress Point
04. Call You My Own
05. Why Don’t You Hold Me
06. Weird Inside

mononome – Sherán

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl & Limited Edition Compact Disc

After a hiatus of almost 3 years and while contributing in to various compilations and collaborative releases as well as touring throughout Europe, March 2018 marks the release of mononome’s newest project, Sherán.

Being a self-demand to strive away from standards so far, as well as from his significant sound and groove he set sails for further experimentation. Sherán demanded for a whole different approach to sampling than his previous projects. Far from overplayed drum breaks and loops the idea behind this particular project was to “cut” and “chop” as much as possible.

Beat Tape

mononome – Tale Of The Phoenix [Beat Tape] [2014]

mononome – Tale Of The Phoenix [Beat Tape]
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01. Every End Is A New Beginning
02. Like A Phoenix
03. From The Ashes
04. You Shall Rise
05. To Be Reborn
06. Once Again

mononome – Tale Of The Phoenix

Also Available On: Limited Edition Compact Disc

“Tale Of The Phoenix” was written with the purpose of expressing the need for evolvement and to mark the completion of a journey taken so far. It simultaneously marks the ending of an era and the beginning of a new one.