Beat Tape Mixtape

Primal – Playin’ mixtape [Mixtape] [2020]

Primal – Playin’ mixtape [Mixtape]
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01. Take off
02. Tight
03. Flem
04. Flowers
05. Mo’
06. What’s up wit’ dat
07. Soul matter 2
08. Don’t explain
09. St. Jordan
10. We countin’
11. All ready
12. Ninja Invasion

Primal – Playin’ mixtape


John Morrison – Songs I Might Sample [Mix] [2020]

John Morrison – Songs I Might Sample [Mix]
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01. John Morrison – Songs I Might Sample

John Morrison – Songs I Might Sample


DJ Epik – Quarantine & Chill (Presented By HOFisBetter) [Mix] [2020]

DJ Epik – Quarantine & Chill (Presented By HOFisBetter) [Mix]
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Part. 1:

01. -Tarde (Intro): Azymuth
02. -Case Of The Shakes: E. Live
03. -Taste (Ft. Vanjess) : Kaytranada
04. -We Are On The Move (Ft. Eric Roberson) : Zo!
05. -You Got Me (Ft. Laura Benack): Buscrates
06. -Umi Says: Soul Supreme
07. -Blow My High (Members Only): Kendrick Lamar
08. -Yada Yada: Anderson Paak
09. -Are U Ready (Ft. Slum Village): DJ Jazzy Jeff
10. -The Love Song (Ft. Mos Def): Bush Babees
11. -O.P.M.: Dom Kennedy
12. -I Like It: Intrigue
13. -Enjoy Your Life: Oby Onyioha
14. -Pela Cidade: Sandra De Sá
-Part 2:
15. -Summer Fever (Interlude): Donna Summer
16. -Prelude: Cortex
17. -Eternal Light (Ft. Chronixx): Free Nationals
18. -Hurry Up This Way Again: The Stylistics
19. -Politics As Usual: Jay-Z
20. -Calling Jupiter: Saucy Lady
21. -Thnkfl (Ft. Duranice Pace): Devin Morrison & Mndsgn
22. -The Origin (Interlude): Mndsgn
23. -Hearts Desire: Don Blackman
24. -Make A Play: The Philharmonik
25. -No Regrets (Ft K-Maxx): The Pendletons

DJ Epik – Quarantine & Chill (Presented By HOFisBetter)

“QUARANTINE & CHILL” mixtape, anyone?? 😍😍😍
The good folks @Hofisbetter gathered up some of your favorite Sacramento DJs and asked them all to contribute at least a 30 minute mix for you guys to enjoy during this quarantine period. Over 10+ hours of music awaits you, & this is my portion!!! over an hour a soulful goodness!!!. Hope y’all dig it, & stay safe out there! Music is medicine….

Head over to for the rest of the series!!! 🙌


Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #003 [Mix] [2018]

Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #003 [Mix]
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01. Observant – Trucha (Instrumental)
02. Blueprint – Night Writers (Feat – Slug & Wordsworth)
03. Wonda K – dayafterday
04. Marco Polo – The Rub
05. Chikaramanga – Message To Voyager
06. Ruff-T – Groven
07. Nick Wiz – Little Menace
08. 9th Wonder – SoulSeasons!!!
09. Isaac Haze – Raw Tip (Cuts by DJ Crypt)
10. P Brothers – Good Trip (Instrumental)
11. RZA – Camay (Instrumental)
12. Rhettmatic – Fly Away
13. Etnnia Beatz – knowledge
14. Mr. Backside – Manni
15. Liphe – Orbit
16. Elaquent – Hard Times
17. Jonasan – Kokoro
18. J Dilla – Let’s Pray Together (Feat – Amp Fiddler)
19. MF Eistee x Loop Schrauber – Sealight
20. Pat Van Dyke – Fresh Out The Oven
21. Erick Sermon – To Da Beat Ch’all (Instrumental)
22. Alpha Centori – Ways Of The Immortal
23. sundrenched – fresh air poured in through my open window
24. Redman – Can’t Wait
25. The Meters – Just Kissed My Baby
26. Kiefer – What A Day
27. Maartn – Flute ‘Em Up
28. BennyBen – Beats That Thump
29. Roy Ayers – Feeling Good
30. DJ Mighty Mi – Nighthawks (Instrumental)
31. Rief Chocka – Razzle
32. Aesop Rock – Klutz (instrumental)
33. Sadiva – Urgone

Beat Tape Co-Op – Beat Tape Co-Op Radio #003

Beat Tape Mix

Tokyo Cigar – 2017 Mega Beat Tape Megamix [Mix] [2017]

Tokyo Cigar – 2017 Mega Beat Tape Megamix [Mix]
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01. 2017 Mega Beat Tape Megamix

Tokyo Cigar – 2017 Mega Beat Tape Megamix

Mix Mixtape

Various Artist – Inside The Crates (mixed by DJ Ragz) [Mix] [2017]

Various Artist – Inside The Crates (mixed by DJ Ragz) [Mix]
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01. Original Mix (Promo Mix)
02. Side A – Original Mix (40 minutes)
03. Side B – Instrumental Mix (40 minutes)

Various Artist – Inside The Crates (mixed by DJ Ragz)

Also Available On: Color 3-Pack (Yellow, Green, and White) or Cassette (White) Cassette

16 tracks from the personal collections of Instagram crate diggers from around the globe, mixed by a world class DJ, @djragz. The result is a real mixtape – actually on tape. A tape about music discovery, DJing, hip-hop, and crate digging.

This project has been a journey – a tape well over a year in the making. Back in February 2016 we had an idea to do a crate digging version of the beat tape we had put out the previous December. The goal: gather music from the personal collections of crate diggers from the IG record community around the world that we had connected with over time and develop it into a mix done by a world class DJ. We reached out to 16 heavy diggers and asked for a track – there was no stipulation on style, just whatever you wanted to send from your collection. This resulted in a pretty eclectic mix of mostly rare gems, mixed in with a few personal favorites. After that, we shared the vision of the project (essentially Kon & Amir and DJ Muro meet Rob Swift) with the one DJ we knew would be perfect for the project, Virginia legend @djragz. That’s all we said – Ragz was so tuned in and organized a 40 minute masterpiece of a mix. Creative blends, crazy cuts, juggles, on and on.

– Side A is the Original Mix: complete with cuts, juggles, acapellas, etc.
– Side B is an Instrumental Mix: all the tracks from Side A, but without the cuts and acapellas.
(note: both are clean and appropriate to play around your grandmother and grade school kids)

No project is complete without great art, which is where crate digger and artist @gregloretan stepped in. With a clear vibe of crate digging, the cover captures that “feel” with nods to Tribe (done right after Phife passed) and Keith Harring.

The end result is a project that sounds fresh in 2017, but reminds you of the classic era of the 90’s. We truly hope y’all enjoy.


BeatPete – Kanstructions – Vinyl Mix [Mix] [2017]

BeatPete – Kanstructions – Vinyl Mix [Mix]
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01. Kanstructions – Vinyl Mix

BeatPete – Kanstructions – Vinyl Mix

BeatPete – Kanstructions – Vinyl Mix

All beats in this mix produced by KanKick aka Kanzulu
aka Kancritic aka Kanstructivist aka The Funky Asthmatic.

Featuring the voices of Mystery’s Extinction, Cornbread, Dr. Oop
and Declaime aka Dudley Perkins plus some sample origins by the
likes of OPA, Airto, Herbie Mann & Joao Gilberto, Pharoah Sanders,
Dave Grusin and O’Donel Levy.

Mix Mixtape

DJ Rahdu – The Unpacking [Mix] [2016]

DJ Rahdu – The Unpacking [Mix]
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01. The High & Mighty – B Boy Document (9th Wonder Remix) ft Mos Def & Skillz
02. Mop Mop – Spaceship Earth ft Anthony Joseph
03. Ding – Walk
04. Amin Payne – Searching
05. Boyan – Whatever, Baby (Jill Scott Flip)
06. Kenny Keys – The Inn Zone
07. Homeboy Sandman – Eyes
08. Mecca 83 – LoveSwing (Two4Fitz)
09. Stro Elliot – Marvin’s Mood
10. Children of Zeus – No Strings Attached
11. Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (Jeedo’s Dominatrix Mix)
12. Emmakay – Winot ft MAYHEMkingspitta
13. Suff Daddy – I Love You (You Love I)
14. Theo Coker – Real Episode (Take 9) ft DVRK FUNK
15. Cro Magnon – Time Flies ft Steve Spacek
16. Al Kent – 4006 (Original Mix)
17. LUXXURY – Take it Slow (JKriv Remix)
18. Dam-Funk – ‘Fisticated
19. Kaytranada – One Too Many ft Phonte
20. Elzhi – Two 16’s
21. Shungu – Track 11
22. Erykah Badu – Come and See Badu
23. Curtis Mayfield – The Makings of You
24. House Shoes – The Makings
25. Corinne Bailey Rae – Do You Ever Think of Me?
26. Scienze – Skit by Quest ft Lord Quest
27. The Roots x Groove Theory – Eve, Tell Me
28. Jamila Woods – Heavn
29. Tyler Ambrosius – solar love

DJ Rahdu – The Unpacking

The Unpacking is a mix I recently created to have something to relax to while returning clothes, albums and equipment to their proper place after performing several consecutive gigs or just a weekend of travel. Unpacking is inevitable and like most things, it’s easier to do when good music is involved. This mix is equally effective for mentally unpacking and unwinding after a long day, or shedding prohibitive thoughts in preparation for an ambitious endeavor. Press play, enjoy this cocktail of Soul, Jazz, Funk, & Hip Hop and prepare to move to the next step.
Thanks for listening to The Diamond Soul XXXperience!


Hot Record Société – [•••••••••] [Mix] [2016]

Hot Record Société – [•••••••••] [Mix]
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01. Part One
02. Part Two
03. Part Three
04. Part Four

Hot Record Société – [•••••••••]

What you are listening to is a mix. It is also a portrait. A portrait of many moments in time; placed carefully into the vast pool of information, within which much has been lost or forgotten. However, these pieces have the ability, like all music, to transport an engaged listener to those moments of their creation. Hit play without any preconception. Find a comfortable seat and pour out some tea; move around in your space freely.

This compilation is a collection of unheard sounds. They hold the potential to become unexpected assets. As a result, what we gain is Something, yet it is by virtue of [the] Nothing that these can be put to use. Let them wash over you without expectation.

The objective is community, without striving for it. Methods are found in the recognition of balance between commonality and distinction. Alliance can be found in all places. In an ally it is benevolence that matters.

Blunt the sharpness; untangle the knots; soften the glare
Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there.

Compilation Mix Mixtape

Jason The Argonaut – J DILLA TRACKS / TREATS / TRIBUTES VOLUME TWO [Mixtape] [2016]

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This is the second installment of the J Dilla Tracks, Treats and Tributes mix. There are a lot of Dilla mixes out so I wanted to do something different and feature all the inspiration Dilla has brought to the music. This mix is full of remixes, original beats and samples all inspired by Dilla Dawg! Of course there are some Dilla slaps as well but this is a different take on your traditional J Dill Tribute mix. TURN IT UP!

This free download also comes with bonus High Resolution files of this beautiful Artwork without the text! Also black and white version for DYI sticker action!


Age​ – ​El Fantasmas Espejo, Part 1 [Mix] [2015]

Age​ – ​El Fantasmas Espejo, Part 1 [Mix]
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01. El Fantasmas Espejo, Pt. 1

Age​ – ​El Fantasmas Espejo, Part 1

Also Available On: Limited Cassette release. Only 15 copies produced.

A Collection of Various Latin Records from all over the world.

**Note:These were all donations from a former radio station dj at K*** FM (And out of respect and his request, he will remain Anonymous)

All records (with the exception of the “Carlos Ramos & His Orq. Fuego”, were part of this large collection that I was given. This is part 1 of 2, so please, enjoy the mix.

This mix was issued in 2009, and was featured on several sites; included those are soulstrut, nerdtorious blog, discos alma, and several others.

This is the first and last time it will be issued on any format.


Mello Marc – mello.knighttimemixx [Mix] [2015]

Mello Marc – mello.knighttimemixx [Mix]
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01. mello.knighttimemixx

Mello Marc – mello.knighttimemixx


Custodian of Records – Summer Beat Mix [Mix] [2015]

Custodian of Records – Summer Beat Mix [Mix]
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01. Summer Beat Mix

Custodian of Records – Summer Beat Mix

Made earlier this summer for shittz n giggz. some of the beats are recent / older / posted and unreleased. this is nothing. just a lil something to keep the hoards of people awaiting my next release at bay.. sike lol. enjoy


CRAMSKE – DoWhatChuLike [Mix] [2015]

CRAMSKE – DoWhatChuLike [Mix]
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01. DoWhatChuLikeNight (livemix)

CRAMSKE – DoWhatChuLike

Recording of my my practice session for the “DoWhatChuLike” night at Lucky Star Bar in Sebastopol. Enjoy. This is some HipHop funk Soul ish.


A Cat Called Fritz – A Tape Called Monday JAZZ Mix [Mix] [2014]

A Cat Called Fritz – A Tape Called Monday JAZZ Mix [Mix]
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01. Welcome to the BEATS by(Return of the BUDDHA BRAND (Instru) BUDDHA BRAND + Epilogue (Instru) GEORGIA A. MULDROW + Dopestyle PBW)
02. F&F daily C byThes One
03. Walk through the mind byKID SUNDANCE & DUDLEY PERKINS
04. J Dillalude by SIMON S (Stakes is high Rmx)
05. Build byDiverse
06. Showbitchness by VERB T & HARRY LOVE
07. Decapitated Orgasms by Five deez
08. Liberation’s Lullabye by Ta’Raach & The Lovelution
09. Bania blues by Dr. Who Dat
10. Galaxies (Instru) byMountain Brothers
12. Jazz Cats (instru) by Quasimoto
13. Blue Avenue by Jazz Liberators
15. Mental Void by Primeridian
16. Medina green giant (Instru) by Medina Green
17. (Japanese Title) by BUDDHA bRAND
18. Bebop by RZA & CHOCO
19. Ain’t no mystery by NUJABES & L UNIVERSE
20. The Blow by GROOVEMAN SPOT feat. CAPITOL A
21. Wicked INTERLUDE by Party groove SHOW & AG + Night time groove (Instru) MASS INFLUENCE + Bahian B-Boy DYNAMIC SYNCOPATION
23. Runaway by Emanon
24. Pete jazz’s by PETE ROCK
25. Love’s come by Moka Only
26. Queen city by PIAKHAN & BJ

A Cat Called Fritz – A Tape Called Monday JAZZ Mix

Mondayjazz mix No. 95 A Tape Called Mondayjazz Mix mixed by A Cat Called Fritz.
Basically it is pure hip-hop compilation. But in the frame of genre it’s quite various aspects. You can find some instrumental tracks and rap in it, very famous names and names little heard of, some classic, modern, jazzy beats and g-funk flavour, some thoughts about meaning of life and show biz bitches…
So a whole bunch of hip-hop, which geography includes even once been exotic for rappers places like Japan.