John Memorex – Part. II [Exclusive Set] [Mix] [2020]

John Memorex – Part. II [Exclusive Set] [Mix]
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01. Dibia$e – Reflectin
02. KLIM Beats – You Baby
03. Astronote – 90’s Love
04. mikedecline – Free Speech
05. Aspect One – Look
06. Godai – Rainy Days
07. Chief – Domuno
08. KanKick – Herb Honey
09.Ayatollah – Eagle
10. P.U.D.G.E – AwnMyDawn
11. ES-K – Elevation
12. Sir Froderick – returnofthedoodoomaster94
13. Ras G – Bell Bee
14. Broke / – Born To Be Bruce
15. 6Fingers – Movement Number 4
16. Subtitle –
17. Fonetik Simbol – Suprise

John Memorex – Part. II

The Part. II of John Memorex appearance to showcase a mix for us all today. He’s been heavily involved in promoting so many releases during the years, and i feel it’s just right to show appreciation towards his movement. We’ve spoken from time to time, and it’s always a blessing when he support all of the artists on the movement.

In the mix, you will hear many different vibes, of his favorite style & groove and they are all making your head nod naturally – He’s for sure one of the great selectors of hip-hop beats out there with a long experience in the scene.

For over 12 years there’s been daily activity on his website, which you can check out here – with recommendations of albums, singles, EP’s and much more, a great source for anyone that enjoy hip-hop in general.


Thanks to for another opportunity to do another mix. Hope everyone enjoys.!  

Beat Tape

mikedecline – When It Rains, It Rains [Beat Tape] [2020]

mikedecline – When It Rains, It Rains [Beat Tape]
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01. When It Rains, It Rains
02. Tokyo Dreams
03. Together Now
04. I’m Fine
05. Mind Wander
06. Hang On, My Darling
07. Distance Waves
08. Growler Refill

mikedecline – When It Rains, It Rains

Beat Tape

mikedecline – Lightning In A Bucket [Beat Tape] [2019]

mikedecline – Lightning In A Bucket [Beat Tape]
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01. Lightning In A Bucket
02. Let’s Pretend
03. The Truth Is In The Pudding
04. Top Shelf
05. Smoke Summer
06. Eye Roll
07. Leeds Wegal
08. The Shade
09. And You’re The One
10. For You (Moises Alou)
11. Imagine
12. Tony’s Theme
13. Carry Me Out of Calgary
14. Huckleberry Jam
15. Pig Mask
16. Lazy Glory
17. Truck Knobs
18. People Are Better People

mikedecline – Lightning In A Bucket

Beat Tape

mikedecline – Calmmunicate [Beat Tape] [2012]

mikedecline – Calmmunicate [Beat Tape]
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01. People Words
02. Good Question
03. Alice is the Antichrist
04. Change with Me
05. Afternooners
06. Beat Smoke
07. G’d Up with Your Feet Up
08. Backpacks
09. Eugene McDaniels Interlude
10. Button-Ups
11. Stan Mikita (You’re Still my Brother)
12. Gold Sword Cane
13. Outro

mikedecline – Calmmunicate

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